This page is dedicated to those with too much time on their hands, sick and twisted views on sex and women, or mental disorders Ė (if you have a doctors note it IS NOT an excuse for sending out emails like these.) Please try to imagine an ASPís surprise when checking her email and finding a lovely little jewel such as one of these. We all know nothing pleases an ASP more than having explicit illegal questions asked, along with suggestions for services that boggle the mind and/or loony marriage proposals and declarations of love! If you have ever sent an ASP an email such as this Ė PLEASE RETIRE FROM THE HOBBY ASAP!
You're Kidding Right?
"You have excellent reviews, sounds very appealing, could you give me complete information on your services, I am visiting XXXXXX for just a few days. XOXO" John Doe
"hi darling i m ZZZ from India i m a male model-24 years of age looking for a USA girl for marriage i think ur suitable for me i like u i love u and want to marry u i want to establish mi business in USA i m ready to pay ur willing price for the marriage reply me soon with lots of love bye" ZZZ
"hi I am wondering how much it would cost for a blowjob if i live in Genoa City"
"ABC, I was just wondering....what are your thoughts on UTF?"
Oh please do bring one so I will end up on some porn site, which is my fantasy... again rolling my eyes.
Are you taking a survey?
"I would love to set up a appt with you for Friday morning. I do have one question can I bring a camera?"
Please call 1-800-locateagloryholenearU.
"Hello Hottie- I found your contact info on xxxx source. I know you're based in southern XX. Are you available for travel to xxx xxxxxxxxxx for a weekend excursion...all expenses paid, of course. Also, with a valid STD test is bareback full service available? warmest regards," STD Man
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"Hello there I just found out that, Iíll be traveling through your area next week on business. Like any good present day traveler, once I found when and where Iíd be traveling too, I jumped on-line too search out the finest hotels, restaurants, night clubs & escorts in the surrounding area of where Iíll be staying. When I found your profile I knew that you where what I was looking for in terms of physical appearance. So now Iím contacting you to find out if your services, rates and availability are just as well-suited. Sitting here attempting put in plain words what Iím looking for I realize that there is no easy way to ask other than being straightforward. I looking for a lady that is open minded to physical play, now I donít mean anything extreme or excessive, but what I do mean is someone open to having her Hair pulled, face fucking, slaps on the behind and abusive language. Nothing hazardous or unsafe, but some somewhat physical adult fun! Are these things you would be willing to provide? Please answer back at you earliest connivance sincerely John Doe II"
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"Hey Sexy Lady, I found you on xxxxxx Escort Finder. Do you travel? If yes, would you do an overnight travel date to the Space Station and for what rate? Please let me know. I look foward to hearing back. Thanks! Sniffer *********************** Hi Sniffer Yes, I travel a bit I ask 2000 plus expenses for overnight travel dates. Have you seen my site yet? xoxo Sexy Lady ************************ Hey Sexy Lady, Thanks for your quick response. I think your rate is fair and am definately interested in a travel overnight. I must admit I have never done a travel overnight before so I am naturally a bit nervous. But, I like your photos and you seem really cool just talking on email so that makes me feel a lot better. I do have one request to make before I setup the date and I hope you understand why I am making it. Because I have never done this before and have never seen you before, I would like to make sure I am comfortable with your smell first since every girl is different, as I have learned. So I would like to receive a thong you have worn for a full day to be sure I am comfortable with how your puss smells before I commit to the date. It can be an old thong you don't care about anymore. It does not have to be anything fancy. As long as you wear it all day so it smells like puss first, I will be fine with it. You can just mail it to me. If I am comfortable with how your worn thong smells I should be ready to setup a date. Let me know if this is okay. I am excited about you! Thanks! Sniffer ************************* what is your address? I'd be more than happy to send one Sexy Lady ************************** You really don't mind? I don't want to make you uncomfortable by doing this. I just know that an overnight date is expensive and your vagina is an important part of the date. . . and I know every girl is different. So I would want to have the girl wear a thong for a day or so to get it stinking like her vagina and then smell the thong to be sure I am comfortable with how her puss smells. I'm going to smell it when you get here anyway so I might as well be sure I am comfortable with how it smells in advance before I setup the date. So are you really okay with this? How long will you wear the thong? Will you get it stinking like your vagina? Will I be able to smell puss on it? Please let me know. I am excited you are open to this. This makes me want to see you more. Let me know! Thanks! (Can't wait to smell that stinky vagina!) Sniffer
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"I want to see if I can find what I have set up in LA 1 and only 1 ongoing friend... More than just FS/GFE, but a real friend. FYI Sorry this is so long and in an email, but it seems to keep the scam agencies away. Somewhat of a public figure (Old School) so discretion and honesty are the keys. Searching for a ongoing female friend... would you be interested? Looking for a GFE /FS/Inclusive -make out artist/DFK -kisser - unrestricted (prefer uncovered, never had STD in my life - married) no clock watcher for Social and Adult play. In call only, I can not host. I could use a female friend tonight!. No big Drama or tears, just need to hold, play, chat, kiss You know I know U know......In major need of an ongoing female play friend. And I am Really great with my hands, massage, lips, tongue, teeth..... a giver. "Older than dirt" gent (Not "Dirty Old" well then again.....) 55 successful orbits around Sol, MWM, very discrete, 5' 11" 280 xxxl fit (Not Buff) Brown Long, Blue, D&D free, super clean - you be too (Doc certified, fixed - prefer uncovered), very oral & Massage giver (NYC Theatre Trained), cocktail & 420 friendly (can u bring kush?) Travel a great deal, Home in MR.Smart Guy Town. Places Santa Monica & NYC Very Real Entertainment Industry (Music) Executive Businesses Owner Love to Explore, Have Adventures and adult Play with 1 special female friend Picture & Number upon request." John Doe
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" ABC, Position available for your consideration: Executive assistant (short or long-term) in XXXXXX Beach, and, FL. Position provides you: Income about $500 - $1000 plus, per week (depends on how much you want, need and your availability to work with me) and a home within minutes of the ocean (rent free for you) Requirements: You be able to relocate and travel as indicated Additional requirements for you: Not in a relationship, no children, no drugs, no alcohol abuse, no cigarette smoking inside the home or the sports car If interested: 1. Send a full-length picture with this response 2. Provide a phone number if you are available to relocate at this time 3. Tell me the big picture about your current situation in life Note: I am looking for an open relationship too This is a serious offer.
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ďIím a labor economist researching the escort market and got your email off the internet. Iím hoping to collect some field evidence from current or formers workers in this profession. Any feedback that you could give would be great, and will of course be kept completely confidential and used for research purposes only.

1. Do you still provide escort or companionship services?

a. Yes, Iím still active. b. No, Iím no longer active.

2. If you are no longer active, what led you to change professions? (Indicate any that apply.)

a. A relationship. b. Children or other family responsibilities. c. Better or different job. d. Other (please feel free to specify) ________________...

3. Did or do your find that your escort or companionship work affects your love life?

a. Yes, I canít/could date much while working. b. Somewhat, although as an escort, you date less. c. No, I still could date as much as I did before. d. Not applicable. I could stay involved in a committed relationship.

4. In your opinion, how common is unsafe sex in the escort market?

a. No, condoms are always used. b. Very rarely. c. Sometimes, depends on the clientís preferences. d. Common. Thank you for your participation!

Nosy Ass Nelly!Ē

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" wrote: Hey I was wondering how much you charge and for how long? ABC wrote: Are you available

I am available today but would need to screen you. ABC wrote: My name is Dumbass I was also interested in speaking to you about maybe recruting you. I could provide the diffrent benifits that I could provide you with if you were interested. I was looking for outcall for about 30 min so let me know if I provided the right iformation. Thanks,Dumbass

What benefits are those? ABC wrote: Well I do offer transportation for outcalls. A very discreet place for incalls and 24 hour protection and more things that we could discuss. Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

So you are a pimp? ABC wrote: I really don't like the word pimp but you could say that. I mean is it something you might be interested in?

LOL uh no. good luck with all that though. ABC wrote: Why not?

Hmm there is that slight possibility that most women who have any functioning brain cells, just simply don't like the idea of a lazy-jealous-of-the-vagina man trying to make money off their body. That is just a thought though. I mean what do I know? I am just a chick who obviously needs a pimp to show me the way lol!!! By the way you probably should not try to sugar coat it, or pretend you want an appointment. A pimp is what you want to be, so you should probably just own it, and run right out and get your big ol purple fur coat and top hat. I will say this though, if I ever lose my mind and decide I need a man to figure it all out for me, so he can benefit himself off me, I will go ahead and look you up, but in the meantime I suggest you don't contact me again unless you want to take me up on the offer below. Best Wishes, ABC - P.S. When this doesn't work out for you, I am sure I could do the same for you as I have a few male friends who would love a chance at your ass. Please let me know if you would like to make some extra cash. I will split the take with you 50/50. You aren't going to find a better deal out there! I promise to only beat you if you are a bad bad boy and don't make enough money for me to get my gold teeth. ABC wrote:Lol I like that joke but if you had some girls that are willing to pay ill show them a good time. Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

Alright sweetie you are obviously just a little boy trying to play in the big league. I think it is past your bedtime now and your mommy is calling you. I will not be responding any further. Nighty Night!" ABC

"Horny as hell and have plenty of quick can you get to Westyville? Oh, and by the way, white 30something professional, cute, creative, attached, fun...your good kind of client :p (at least I assume, since I have never done this b4, but its what I would want if I were you at least)..."
"Just saw your ad online. i'm in Witchfield at the events center and the new apts there. I'm 32, 155lbs, just bored after playing guitar hero all night. i don't have to work until noon so I'm just trying to find something to do which might include you!" Dick XXX-877-XXXX
"black stud 12.5 inches rock hard and very thick girth"
"I am in town on business staying at the XXX Suites and I am looking for a true GFE. I have never used a service before but I am looking for something that is more like I would have if I were home with my girlfriend. Without saying to much I think you know what I mean. Nothing is a "NO" except maybe one thing but that depends on the lady. If your available this evening, can we set something up?"
timewaster005038.jpg timewaster005037.jpg timewaster005036.jpg timewaster005035.jpg timewaster005034.jpg timewaster005033.jpg timewaster005032.jpg timewaster005031.jpg timewaster005030.jpg timewaster005029.jpg timewaster005028.jpg timewaster005027.jpg smallbanner.gif timewaster005026.jpg
"Hi, I'd pay $200 for an out call bareback FS or bareback Greek . Let me know. Thanks!"
"Do you want to make it !!!!!!!!!! You have to like Fingering some oral and message -insertion or you have to bring something with to insert it on you dildo is fine otherwise , will use candles or anything else Well, all what you have to do to get this offer: - Send me an email to this email xxx@123.cum with your picture and your contact number To recognize each other, Biff Rippingham"
"Hello Pretty Lady, Let me just say that you are ultra-sexy and ultra-cute.....let me know when you get here, to Harryville that is. I would definitely enjoy spending some time with you. I do couple's shows with a friend of mine in the area once a week, just in case that's something that you provide for your clients, keep it in mind. I've attached a photo of myself for you, so let me know what you think. The self-taken photo is from Mexico in early April; the other from a park with my son last week. Take care, and kudos to your photos...very well done. Dr. Douchebag"
"Hi Pretty Lady, I really want to hookup with you if your free this Thursday Afternoon or Evening . Everytime I save money to try to book an appointment with you something comes up with my family has money issue. Currently, I'm unemployed and I really would like to see you but... I do not know if you have a soft heart and be willing to see me or not because it always been my dream to see you for 3 hours to 4 hours because my fantasy is to be with a mature porn star. If, you can fulfilled my dream and fantasy to be with you and you have a soft heart please Email me back I really want to see you but currently I'm unemployed. Thanks, Freebie Fred P.S Do not be offend ok I just been frustrated been wanting to see you for any years."
"My name is Got it all Backwards, to be straight and too the point i'm not the kind of guy that needs to pay for anything like this. The reason i'm replying to your ad is because i'm looking for a friends with benefits type of situation. I'm looking for a girl that enjoys passionate and frequent sex for what it is. I've got a lot to offer, i'm a tall, good looking guy in excellent shape. And i know what i'm doing when it comes to the "benefits" side of the matter haha Listen, this is an opportunity to get to know a really cool guy, smart, level headed, driven, experienced and capable. Let me know, Got it all Backwards"

"hi im john 29 from Cranberryville. i am italian good looking with a charming personality and great sense of humor.....i have a fantastic job well over 6 figs and own a huge house in western cranston i am serious and poss looking to spoil the right women...i am looking for someone to do fine dining and weekend getaways and whatever else sound good at the time...i look foward to hearing back from you maybe with a face pic and i will return the favor ...either way good luck..... john BTW i love volumptous women they drive me crazy ......."
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" Hello,

My name is Mr Barry Donald ,A photographer working under JINCA Productions. I've a client who wants to update her Catalog with her new year Fashion outfits release on porn magazine & I'm interested in hiring you to be my Escorts/Masseurs for the four days on the shoot date which will take place in 2 weeks from now. your pay for the job will be $2,500. Get back to me with an acknowledgment of my mail.

Job Location The shooting will hold at a rented photographers studio in your location,so you don't have to worry about traveling,the name and address of the studio will be forwarded to you before the date of the shooting,all Hotel Reservation where we will be spending the four days will be taken care by the studio management and its going to be within your location.

Job details We are having 15 different Fashion outfits to cover,which would be provided by our client on the day of the shooting so you will be my Escorts/Masseurs on all four days that the shoot will take place.

Job percentage; The total pay for the jobs is $2,500 and you get $700 as your part payment.

Shooting Date; The date for the shooting is not fix,I will have to make arrangement for that ahead from now,I will email you the exact date for the shooting a week before as soon as the arrangement is completed with our client.

My Requirements; Very Attractive,Classy,In Great Shape,Extremely Outgoing & Personable,out spoken,Must be Reliable..

Payment Policy; As part of my working policy and ethics,I receive part payment from any client before I proceed with any job and balance immediately after the shooting,this is to identify a serious client and ascertain the job,I hope you comprehend this fact.

I will keep you updated as to when our client wants to make upfront payments and please get in touch with me if you will take the job and we can go from there,just let me know if you will take the job to commence with next arrangement.


"Dear Lady, I am Loverboy 36 yrs from Broomville. You are georgeous and I fall in love with you. I would love to have a Date with you. Hope to see you soon" Loverboy
ďHello, I have read ur posting on backpage with great interest. You seem to be exactly what I am looking for. I am a senior software engineer for Bunnie Friends. I work wierd hours, but I can choose my own schedule, so I am available when u r available. I would like a one hour sensual massage, where the first 30 minutes is a soft gentle stroking therapeutic massage. The last 30 minutes I would like to be on all fours, with my penis hanging down. You would then stroke my penis in a gentle kind of milking motion, bringing me right up to the edge, before backing off for about 30 seconds. Then, returning to the gentle, slow milking of my penis, taking me back up to the edge. Doing this over and over for the final 30 minutes...and when our time is almost over, continue the milking of my penis until I explode in ur hand with a very intense orgasm, made really intense by all the teasing of the last 30 minutes. possible? what would ur fee be for this? Ē Dennis Director
"Hi, I would just like to enquire about how much it would cost for a 3 day long weekend? Thanks" John
Hi, My name is Steve and I am working in Bed Rock today and looking to set something up during lunch. Would love to pay with a gift card (we can verify together and will have a reciept). Im 30, good shape and looking to be very descrete, wanna play???
"My wife was Oriental. I am a Vietnam vet looking to have some action with another Oriental lady. I hope you suck cock as good as the Cong does. Cuz they weren't kidding about me love u long time over there in Saigon."
"Hi,You're an absolutely stunningly beautiful lady. From all the reviews I've read, your personality and attitude about life closely your physical presence. Truly amazing and quite unusual.If you thought there might be possibility of retiring from the escort business, it would be a true pleasure to meet you over dinner at the place of your choice to get to know you better. Indeed, even if you're just considering retiring, it might make sense for us to chat.To be very direct, I'm looking to meet someone with your qualities for a serious relationship. I'm a white male, divorced, 6'3", 215 lbs, athletic, brown hair and blue eyes (a couple of pictures are attached) and very well off financially. I own a private equity investment firm in Dallas with two other partners. I live alone in a very nice condo in Uptown in Dallas. Of course, I'm assuming you're available and open to a meeting. I make the assumption on the basis of knowing how difficult it can be to have a relationship with someone when one-half of the couple is in the adult industry. The knowledge comes from a relationship I had with a lady who was also an escort, and also did some porn here in Dallas. We decided to go our separate ways when she was unable to fully retire from escorting. Would you be open to meeting me over dinner? Take care," Delusional Dan
" Prostitution is a deep and terrible hole that you have fallen into. Jesus has no mercy on those women who make their living from pleasure. A woman who lives by pleasure shall die by it."
"Hello Beautiful Lady, we have not yet met, however I thought I would take a chance. I think you are beautiful beyond what words can describe and I would like to know you on a romantic level. This being said I understand that you are not advertising for a mate. You are selling a service. I am completely respectful of that fact and your time. My intentions are not to waste your time, nor am I attempting to bypass the pay for time spent social pact that is manner of which I found you. How I came to find you is a rather long story and this will be a wall of text as is. So if you want I will explain that in a future email. I am R*****, 43, divorced, reside in Long Beach. I am employed that is my day job is a pipe welder out of United Association of
Plumbers and Steamfitters local XX. I also work as a freelance Java and PHP developer. I have a masters in particle physics. However I do not derive any income from that. Simply needed the masters to add credentials to my model of the universe. Most of my free time revolve around the bagpipes. To sum things up, I am completely interested in an attempt to captureyour interest romantically. I wish to engage you in a series of dinner dates ect. Paying for your time but not services in hopes something may spark. Im hoping you will marry me. R****"
"Q: Are your rates negotiable? A: No. My rates are not negotiable.
Neither will your wages for sin be negotiable Jezebel. "The harlot's pathways lead straight to hell. Down to the chambers of death" - Proverbs 7 "All fornicators shall have their part in the lake of fire" - Revelation 21"Whores God will judge" - Hebrews 13"
hi, i am a member of TTT, and my name is oxax. i am traveling to d-town friday early and would LOVE to get together for a session. i will admit that i do not know much about you, as i have a computer that is restricted at work and am not allowed on web sites of 'questionable' orgin, so i did not go to your site. i did do a search on TER, looking for a girl with natural breasts, thin. i would need an appointment time for either friday morning or afternoon, as i will be with my wife later in the evening. if you have time to see me, could you please write me back with - 1. contact phone number 2. the approximate location of your incall 3. your rates and if you are able a photo thanks, please let me know if you have any questions of me. feel free to contact any of the girls i have seen for a reference if need be.
"Good Morning, I work in SE DC and live in Northern Moonshine Land. I am looking for someone to relax and unwind with on a weekly basis. I am 34, white, 6' 195#, and available throughout the week. coul dinclude a photo and a description I would appreciate it, i am at the office and cannot visit your sites below. Thanks, Moonshiner"
"I recently stumbled on your ad on, and was thoroughly impressed. I am well goomed exec in my mid-40s, 6', 180lbs, with mediterranean features. To the degree that you have an interest, I would enjoy flying you to NYC to pose as my assistant. Any interest? If so, we can delve into the juicy details." Best, Apollo
"Hello, I write professionally written reviews on TER - The Erotic Review. My reviews are written in such a way, that you will get more clients. You simply complete a short form for me to tell me more about yourself, I write the review, I post it, and your phone starts to ring more. Most clients don't write reviews and even if they or you wanted to write one -- it takes experience to get a review to actually get posted without being banned by the TER staff. A lot of my time goes into this so it certainly isn't cheap but is highly worth it. The investment that you make with this will pay off very quickly. Each post is $69 and discounts are available for pre-paid packages of 10, 20, and 30. Please let me know if you are interested and I could send the online form to you."
"Hi Adorable...Sorry if i have to bother you, I was just passing through,and something touched my heart that I should stop to say hi to you. You are an Angel sent by God. I have always had that feeling, when I saw your profile, I started wondering, what an angel like you is doing on earth when others are in heaven busy making plans with God on how to seek for more angels..... Something struck my mind and told me that maybe you were sent to earth for one purpose only. Just to take me to heaven.... Regard Willaim"
"Hello beautiful angel I will start by introducing myself,i am Phillip Anderson by name, from United kingdom am a British citizen and i live in , Manchester City and i am a Business man, i have a daughter,She don't live with me she live in Spain and am also in search of a kind loving and caring woman like you and i believe we can make things up together if you give me the golden opportunity to know you well and you getting to know me ,i will love to get to know you more has well... And i hope to read you lovely e-mail have a nice and wonderful day. Pls contact me on my private Email ( ) form to you."
"Hi! Would you be interested in adult video or photo shoots in the D-town area? Instead of offering a few hundred dollars for a one time modeling job, I'm offering a 50/50 producers split on all revenues for the life of the work. I'm a local producer in the A-town area, with a background in website work and mainstream films. However, there's easy money to be made in the adult industry. Interested, email me back for more info."
"i am D-Dog by name i am highly in search for an escort because i am planning to come for a conference meeting @your location,my client who is inviting me said i should find some one who will be my escort for 2 nights that he will make the payment immediately.This is a little more about me... I am 38 years of age.i am very nice ,caring, honest, responsible, hardworking, reliable and social.i like watching movies swimming and running and reading too. I don't go to late parties , do not smoke nor drink. i am very passionate, i like to share ideas with others.All this attributes i guess you will finally see for your self if i get in. But less i forget, sometimes aggressive when provoked to an extent.I want you to get back to me with how much it will cost me to have you for the 2 days. NB- all response to me will be emailed to my personal email addy Hope to read from you soon. Regards,"
"I would love to make an appointment with you tonight please respond me back as soon as u can "
"My gorgeous wife wants her first GFE we could do 200 roses for 40 minutes and come to you,,,, are you available "
"Hi, I am a 55yr old professional only in D-town today. Am new but you could verify by calling my hotel room. Am only interested in role play and mutual touch. Woud like 90 min for $175. Possible for incall this afternoon? Lots of fun and safe"
"Out or in. 1 hour. Chris. P411 member. 816XXXXXXX "
"Subject=Anal? Message=Hi PrettyProvider, I would love to meet up with you! I don't have a way to go because my car is messed up but if you could come to me I promise the money will be worth it From=Gooddick23"
"do you handle it yourself? i am just wondering if you would be interested in trading favors if/when you need help with your site. "