First off I have no problem with others fetishes, but some of these have to be a joke right…? Has society evolved so far that for some people exciting sex has to involved balloons and bobby socks of all things, or better yet butt sniffing? Some of these emails may actually be from real clients (real client = someone who actually has the intention of booking an appointment), but generally when someone sends an email of this nature they may have to accept that others may view them as SCARY or deranged!
Odd Fetishes
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“Hello, and good day to you!! I saw your ad on Very nice pictures of you!! I would so love to get together with you!! I was wondering if you do specialties? I do like the usual things as most guys do, but, I also like these things as well. I don't know if you would be able to accomodate my requests. What I also like is to sit on a ladies lap, and I also like to be picked up. I would pay you $20 for everytime that you picked me up. So, say you pick me up 10 times, that would be $200!! I also love to wrestle in where you try and pin me and for everytime that you pin me at wrestling, I will pay you $300!! So, let me know if that would interest you or if you know any ladies that would be interested in something different and with a twist. This would be so much fun to do this with someone and can also make you alot of money! And, again, this is for fun and hopefully you will have a nice time with me and I would like to be your regular client. I am about 5'7", and about 150. So, I hope not too heavy for you to pick me up, or for me to sit on your lap or to have you pin me at wrestling :). I live in Longmont. I am available all day today, and all this evening! I am ever so looking forward to meeting you!! You take care and have a great day!” John Doe
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" Dear ABC, Hello! My name is John Doe, I live in EFG Springs, and I hope this e-mail finds you feeling well and in good spirits on this cold and snowy Thursday. I had e-mailed you some time ago but lost contact with you. I had asked you if your feet were ticklish (don't know if you remeber me or not) but was wondering if you would be willing to help me bring my fantasy to life and let me tickle your feet. I promise to be a complete gentleman and the best foot-tickler you've ever had. Along those lines... 1. Are your feet still ticklish (and I promise not to hold that against you)?! =) 2. Would you be willing to make my whole year and let me tickle you from head to toe with fingers and a feather? 3. Would you be willing to meet in the Springs? Have a GREAT day, stay warm, safe and well, and please be in touch again soon. Blessings," TICKLE FREAK =) P.S. Please say "YES"! =)
"I was wondering if you could help me with my fantasy. I have shoulder length red curly hair. I'd like you to shave my head and shave my bush (I'll provide the clippers, razor and shaving cream). I'd also like you to wear rolled up jeans with thick white bobby socks (I'll provide a new pair). I'll really need you to enjoy shaving me and wearing the bobby socks and loafers. Is this something you can help me with?" John Doe.
"I'm looking for an open minded dominant woman who would enjoy trampling on me. My face & privates included. I love nylons & any type of shoe. I have no weight restrictions & can take a lot of punishment. If you would like to get together please respond. Thank you"
"Miss ABC, I will be in LaLa Land for business next week and was wondering if you would be interested in a light fetish appointment where you would be popping balloons by stomping and sitting on them. I realize this is probably an odd request, but if you would consider this a fun thing for you to do, please let me know. Thanks." John Doe.
"Great pics! Great profile and experience you provide as well. Will be in X-town Thursday for business, are you available? Also I have a piss fetish and love to be pissed on by an incredible and special women. Let me know." John Doe."
"saw you online do you do domination/foot worship may I ask what size your feet are thanks for your time"
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"Hello I have a fantasy that you might be able to help me with. I am looking for a woman who can physically dominate me. I would like to be wrestled into submission and have her sit her butt on my face. I would be held prisoner beneath her ass as she forced me to smell her hot musky scent. I have also wondered what it would be like to be farted on while in this situation and forced to smell. I know this sounds weird but I just thought maybe you could do this. I am 5'8 so you would be able to easily dominate me." Anal Emission Sniffer
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"Do you cater to specialties? And, what I mean by that is, that, I love to wrestle. And, for every time that I get pinned at wrestling, I will pay you $300. I also love to be picked up. And, for everytime that you can pick me up, I will pay you $10. I weigh about 140. I am about 5 feet 6 inches tall. I do not know how to wrestle at all, so, if you are good at that, then you would be able to pin me at wrestling :). I thought it would be fun to do something a little different and out of the ordinary. So, let me know if you do that, or if you know anyone that does :). I live in Longdick. Thank you ever so much. Thank you for reading my email and take care and have a great day!"
"Hi, May I first say you are quite a beautiful woman!? I am a 43 year old professional white male currently living in XXXXXX. I am interested in a 2-3 hour meeting where I worship your feet and beautiful butt please. I am a bit submissive so if you are stressed out, you can take it out on me as I enjoy being kicked around a bit. :<) What would the rate be for 2-3 hours of your companionship please? Thank you very much," John Doe
"Hi,Sometime I'd like the company of a woman who is menstruating and /or has to pee badly. (This would not be FS). Any interest in that? Thanks," D
"ABC, Saw your ad on 411 and was wondering if you catered to foot fetishes? I am really looking for a lady that has extremely ticklish feet and would allow me to do so. Might this be you? Thanks"
"HI I was thinking about laying across a beautiful womens lap as she gives me a long sensual hand spanking, masssaging and tickling me, also interested in a GFE along with the fantasy, I would really be excited if you were interested in switching roles off and on Thanks" Role Switcher
"do you have any piercings. What don't you do? Do you have any pictures you can email me? Do you do fetish and have long nails and spiked heeled boots "
"I have a strange request, but thought I would throw it out to you.....i am looking for a woman to possibily use a strap-on on my ass, and a golden shower...i am not reall into the pro-dom thing, just want a dirty girl to have fun with....I will be in denver tomorrow and for a few days. Let me know if you can fulfill my requests. Thanks,” Splasher
"Hi, I need some informations about your massage. I want to know if you allow your customer to watch you peeing and shitting and big farts!! I don't want to taste but this is a fantasy to watch and even smell your fart. Send me some pictures of your pussy and asshole. I often be disapointed, I understand that you want to stay anonymous, but I need an idea of what's expecting my dick. I'm not from the police!!! Thanks a lot. See you soon."
"We'll urinate on each other and then have safe sex in my hotel room in BedRock. Please send pic."
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"Hi, I am XXXX, and I just seen your post on the XXXX board which I am a new member of beings I just moved to XXX, Mars! I think that you are extremely beautiful and would love to get an appointment on your visit to XXXX, Mars. A little about myself, I am 33yrs. old, tall, athletic white male and easy on the eyes, or so I have been told. I do not know if that makes a difference, but thought I would let you know. I see that you do fetishes and was wondering if you could fulfill one of mine. I know this is odd, but I have always wanted a women to throw up on me. I would love if you could just make yourself throw up without having to gag yourself or stick your finger down your throat, but that would be ok if you had too. I am will to compensate you very well for this since it is not listed as one of your services. If you would please let me know if you could do this would be wonderful. If not, could you point me in the direction of a provider that might offer this type of fetish. Thank you and hope to see you on your visit to XXX, Mars! Thanks Again! XXXX"
"dear lady. im jan 39yo male gentleman and respectful first i wanna say that i never intend to offend you i hv fetish desire and i hope you can to cater it. i wanna eat your shit from your anus directly. i can pay 300 for that. may u cater my desire? whats your phone number for appt. call? regards"
"hi i would love a 1 hr ass worship/rimming session. i love to eat ass and have mine rimmed. do you have a friend that could join for a 3 way butt buffet rimming session? thanks kj"
“Hello, I have a fetish for ass worship and full service toilet slavery and I am looking for an escort or mistress that will give brown showers. I was wondering if you would do such requests and if so at what rate. Thank you for your time”
"may i ask you a couple of questions? what size are your feet? and do you offer strapon sessions? for me to be ordered to kneel and kiss and worship your feet and then me to be ordered to suck your strapon as you verbally abuse me and then bend me over and use it on me anally is that cool?"
“ABC, Would you consider a fetish request to wear a panty liner and a few other associated fem. items for a personal show? I don't want to participate or help in any way for the duration of my visit, just to be in your company. I could offer 800 for 30min of your time, or double it if it's during your time otm? If interested, I'd collect all of the items before-hand, I'm sure you have some already, but it's part of the fetish for me. Thank You, Panty Liner Lewis”
timewaster006026.jpg timewaster006025.jpg timewaster006024.jpg timewaster006023.jpg timewaster006022.jpg timewaster006021.jpg timewaster006020.jpg timewaster006019.jpg timewaster006018.jpg timewaster006017.jpg timewaster006016.jpg timewaster006015.jpg smallbanner.gif timewaster006014.jpg
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" Hello Ms. Lovely My name is Slave I live in Harrytown. I am 48 I have been submissive since the 6th grade when after teasing 2 female schoolmates they threw me to the ground and started stomping on me. When they noticed my erection they began stomping my cock and when they finally saw the cum stain they had the greatest time...for years. I adore and love to be used and humiliated. I love cock kicking and trampling, flogging and very tight precarious cock and ball bondage. I am not rich but I am fun to be with. I will do virtually anything to amuse you and love to be used as a showpiece of your dominant work. I enjoy foot worship CBB and collar and leash to please. Being trampled kicked under the beautiful feet I worship is a wonderful experience as is genital flogging.Use me for fun and pleasure and amusement. I will not disappoint you. Please call me if you can use me on Monday August 17 at 5PM. I have no refernces to share from, however I have served at the feet of Mistress Soda Pop of Harrytown and Mistress Lolly Pop of Harrytown. In fact most of the pictures on Mistress Lolly Pop site are of me. Her web page is sure she as well as Mistress Soda Pop can verify I am who I say. If interested in using me for domination please call me at xxx-xxxx or Email me at I would be honored to be used in any of the ways depicted in the free video trailers. Thank You Slave”
"I know this is a long shot but I thought I'd ask. I'd like to hire a girl to pose as a freelance hairstylist and cut my wife's hair. $500. No nudity or sex, just need an attractive woman to talk/push my wife into cutting her hair really short. She wants to but is afraid to go for it, so if I tell her I got a referral from a girl I ran into with cute hair, she'll give it a shot. Obviously someone with a little experience would be preferred, but if you are willing to fake it, that's cool too--just keep a secret and chop away. "
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" Diaper Dude - I am new to MountainLand. I purchased a percentage of a company out here and have just moved. I live in Tall Trees, but my office is in Fruity Town. My occupation is Vice President and Partner for a large Insurance firm. I am 29 years old. My best contact is my cell at XXX-XXX-XXXX. I am a regular guy. Promise.

Provider then sent her screening information including that she does not work with fetishes.

Diaper Dude - I understand you do not do fetishes - that's fine with me. However I must be honest - I do wear a diaper during my massages - both vanilla and sensual - it is part of a relaxation technique I started using about 7 years ago.. Also, I do not like thong or g-string underwear. Please make sure that you are wearing full back, high cut, bikini style underpants, or bikini bottoms. A full swimsuit would be just fine as well. I hope this doesn't sound demanding...=) I just want to be completely honest. Please feel free to call me. Warmest, Diaper Dude

Provider - I think you need to look else where.

Diaper Dude - Wow. I didn't expect that. I respect your wishes. I am very dissapointed. After looking at your site, I really thought we would do well together. I have had a massuese for 7 years one vanilla and one sensual. Any way to re-concider? What is the issue? I would love it if we could start over...My name is Diaper Dude. I did read your email, that's why I put down my occupations and such. I should have been far more prudent in my reading of your first email. Again, I apologize. When I put down the "requests" I was merely trying not to waste your time. You were very adamant about fetishes in your site, and I didn't want you to have any surprises...Again, I am sorry if this was out of line... I ask that you give me a second chance. I truly do. Warmest, Diaper Dude

Provider - So you read over my site and saw that I was "adamant" in regards to not entertaining fetishes however you still feel that contacting me with your specific needs was a good idea. Let me further break it down....if you need to wear a diaper during your massage I consider that a fetish. No one I have ever met in the 10 years I have been involved in the relaxation business has ever needed to wear a diaper during any type of body treatment. I am not going to start offering that as an option now. To be very clear...I will NOT see you. There is no need to respond as this will be my final email. I have a feeling that I am just reponding to a room full on 14 year olds with one hand down their pants anyway.

“Hey there, I m looking for an openminded dominant women who would enjoy trampling all over me. Especially my face and privates. I love nylons and tasteful clothing. Not looking for sex. If you would be interested please give me a shout. Thanks.”
“I am a 45 yo Native American who will be in Pluto on August 23 through 29 and staying at the Mars Resort. I am looking for a lovely lady to help or assist me in fulfilling my long time dream fantasy roleplay. My fantasy roleplay is that I want to be captured by a lovely lady in the hotel lobby or my room, tie me up to the bedpost spreadeagle, cleave gag me with your hot panties, undress me then tease me with your luscious body, parade me in the room naked, put me over your knees and spank me then bend me over and screw me with a strap-on. I hope you will be able to fulfill my fantasy. If not then I sincerely apologize for bothering you. Interested, please respond. ”
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" Hey there! I saw your ad, and not only are you gorgeous, but you look like a lot of fun. I know it's not your normal thing, but you seem really open minded, so... I have a bit of a fetish. I'm into what's called WAM, or Sploshing (I'm not surprised if you haven't heard of it.. lol)... and basically what it is is playing with food, but not in the traditional put a little on, lick a little off kind of way. What WAM involves is getting "pied and slimed" Nickelodeon-style. We'll both end up with completely covered head-to-toe with sweet tasty foods like chocolate, pudding, whipped cream, big cream pies (only things we both like), with an emphasis on covering each others' head and face. I realize it sounds completely weird and goofy -- but I promise it really is a lot of fun, and totally erotic. Is this something you'd be interested in trying?? I have a few cute messy pics from around the web if you're interested. Either way.. if you could email me back, I'd appreciate it :-). I'm looking forward to hearing from you, and I hope we can get together for some fun soon! -John P.S. - Do you, by any chance, have a sexy girlfriend that might want to join us? I've always wanted to try a 2-girl messy session... "
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"”Hello nice lady,

I'm a very submissive man from Canada, age 56. From 18 till 23 October I will be staying on Mars at the Martian Inn.

Provider - I think you need to look else where.

I've got a very kinky proposal for which I want to pay you 2000 Dollar. I've already had several such experiences. This is sincere.

I would like to be visited in my hotel room by a gorgeous woman like you, wearing normal but sexy clothes. You may command me to lie down in front of you and to offer you my face. Then you may take a nice shit on it (while sitting on a portable loo). After releiving yourself, you may leave me behind. Just come when you have to go. I'll wait the whole day for you in my room !

No other contact. Discretion guarenteed. If you really want to experience your most lucrative dump ever, please let me know. We'll arrange a date. Kind regards”

Shit Head

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"I live under feet. I am a true foot slave. I lay for hours on the floor as a foot rest. I give the best foot massages in the world. My stomach is as soft as warm bread dough and just as warm to rest your feet in. Not on but I will squish up into every little wrinkle in your feet about up to your ankles. I can be run in for a long time which makes for a great lower body low impact work out. My face will also go flat on each side which makes for a great foot rest with warm air under your feet. I like to be used as a door mat also anything else that you would need me for. I would live under your feet when ever you needed me there and for how ever long you wished without moving. I am and will always be a squashed man. I live only to live under a beautiful woman's feet nothing more. I clean feet licking them like a dog over and over until ever little callous is removed and they wrinkle, sparkle and shine. Anything to live under feet. I would like to be your foot slave until you destroy my insides. I know this is a lot more then I asked at first but I have been thinking and wanted to give it a shot. I do understand if you decline this offer. If you have any questions please let me know what's the best time to call you. I look forward to serving at your beautiful feet. I wish to be your slave. Thank you. I do have a lot of photos showing my dedication also I have a utube account with a lot of video clips on it if you would be interested.”
“Hi, Are you able to get very wet or squirt? Any interest in golden showers or meeting when you're menstruating? thanks, ”
"I was wondering if you offer light fetishes? I have a facesitting fetish and love to have women sit on my face for long periods of time and sensually somther me. Please let me know if you are available for this type of session. Thanks" Alex
“I understand this is a long shot I figure what the hell, it's worth a try. I'd like to hire a girl to pose as a "freelance hairstylist" and cut my wife's hair. $1000. No nudity or sex, just want a beautiful woman to help me cut my wife's hair off super short. She talks about going really "butch" all the time but is afraid to go for it, so if I can convince her you are a 'real' stylist I met she'll trust you --then you can just go for it and make the decision for her... Obviously someone with a little experience would be preferred, but if you are willing to fake it, that's cool too--just keep our secret and "chop away"!
Thanks and let me know.” Dead Husband
"Hello my goddess girl, my name is SluttyBitch- I'm 37 years old and I love your photos! Im looking for a girl who's not a dominatrix type, but would just love to humiliate me and my job (I am a septic tank cleaner) I'm looking for a girl to help me live out a fantasy of me falling into my septic tank opening and having a hot girl come by and laugh at me as i try to get out. I realize this is kinda over the top fetish so I have been saving money for a while for this. IT would only be a 15-30 min session (as i know you would not want to stay long) but I am willing to pay 4-5 grand for that time, if that is not enough I can be flexible for more. I just want you to verbally humiliate me and push your foot down on my head to push me under the surface. I am totally safe and have references galore for you to read if u wish. (none with this experience of course lol) If I don't hear back from you, I wouldnt be surprised but my offer is serious :) Have a great day xoxo"
"Hi my name is Yosemite Sam, I'm Looking for a model to be in a trample and human furniture fetish videos. Their is no nudity or sex involve in these videos. What will you be doing : The video shoot will be contaning trample.Trample is a foot fetish where the women steps on the guys chest hands or any part of his body. I have alot of experenice with trampling. Human furniture fetish is when the guy is use as a footrest or a seat to sit on. Paid: $400 dollars cash the same day. If you are interested email me back."
"Dear Sunshine, I'm a very submissive and docile man from Canada. From 15 September I will be staying in Sunbeam World. I've got a very nasty fetish proposal for which I want to pay you 700 $. You may visit me in my hotel room and command me to stretch out on the floor with my face right under my rimming seat (see view on pic attached). Then you may put your gorgeous but right above me and take a relieving shit on me. That's all. There won't be any other contact. Interested in using me? Tell me, I'll call you. Humble regards," Canadian Cal
"Dear Mistress, My name is Joey , 28 years old, i have a scat fantasy with a pretty domme, i want a mistress who would beat my ass, slap my face, and piss and shit all over me. I want be her toilet paper and eat her delicious shit. Thats my fantasy. "
"I wanna know if you do scat domination and humiliation, conditions and price. Best regards"
"Hello, I had a look at your profile on the EXROs Guide and I was wondering if you offer erotic wrestling sessions. I'm 35 yrs old, 5'11, 145 lbs and I enjoy play wrestling with stronger girls and getting pinned down and facesat. Would you be interested? Please, let me know. Best, Leroy"
“Hi Sugar, I am Odd Al and I would love to see you this Saturday night...around 11pm. I will be at the Sheraton Downtown. I am basically a normal guy..but I have this fetish for loving to have you kneel on my stomach with all of your weight on is very sensual and drives me crazy. I also like being squeezed by someone with great legs like you have! I am a lot of would be great to meet. I know this is not precisely a massage...but in deep body work on abs or the stomach sometimes the therapist uses knees etc ...this is just so much more sensual. Can we set this up? Your pictures are great and it would be great to spend 90 minutes together. " Thanks Odd Al
"Hi Pretty Provider, My name is Jesus. I am interested in scheduling an appointment in the near future, or maybe in a week. I have some questions: If you see me, will you provide references? I live in downtown Babylon, so I basically never need to use a car, so I don't have one. Is your incall location easily accessible? This one might be a little weird: Do you have long fingernails, and do you have a scratchy voice?" From, Jesus
"I would like to meet with you and be bound to something where you can only tease me, run your hands down my nylon encased legs, perhaps play with my garters, or peak down my blouse and or readjust my breasts in my bra!! I do like the feeling of helplessness and of course the way nylon and womens clothes feel and look on me!! i hope your a good knot person and definitely would be open for your possibilities!! i know it may take a bit longer especially if you are doing some heavy rope work, I am ok for 1 1/2 to 2 hours .. I assure you i am harmless, alot of fun and very attractive 46 year old athletic built man!! hope you can help??"
"Hi my name is R-dog, I'm Looking for a model to be in a fetish videos. Their is no nudity or sex involve in these videos. The fetish that will be in the video is trample fetish and human furniture feitsh. Trample fetish is a fetish where the guy likes to get step on or stand on by a women. Human furniutre fetish is a fetish where the guy likes to be used as a object like a couch cushion or a footrest. Paid: $300 dollars cash the same day and the shoot won't take no more then a hour to do. Here is the site of my clip stores, you can get some kind of idea of what the video will be about."