"Hey ABC, I visited your website (www.sexy.com) and would love to connect. I did want to see where in town your onsite meetings are held and if gfe and multi's are included as part of the service and how much it costs. Look forward to connecting!"
"Hi I saw you on XXXXXX Escorts and wanted to write to see if we might be able to hook up? I am 44 years old have brown hair dark blue eyes and 6' 178lbs in pretty good shape. I have been told very attractive. I am attaching a photo of me and want you know who you are talking to. I am looking for someone next Friday or Saturday night to get together for awhile. I am real and no cop, I am looking for F/S and like to know you can do that. I like to know if you have a place or do I need to get one. Anyways let me know what your time is worth to spend with a nice gentleman"
"hi My Name is John Doe. I'm coming to PartyTown tonight and wanted to have some fun. Can we get some party goods to have .drop me a line I will be in town around 7pm. here is my pic."
"I would be interested in discussing arrangements. This is all new to me, so what are your visits like? What would it entail?" John Doe
"Hello ABC I have just viewed your website and I must say you are absolutely gorgeous
and incredibly sexy and that I am definitely interested in arranging some time to see you. Would you please be able to give me some further details of your services ? Specifically, do you offer "natural french" (bbbj), and if so, do you allow cim or facials ? Looking forward to your response and to spending some time with you soon." John Doe
"Hi- I am interested in setting up a date with you. What are your rates and what services do you provide?" CHIPS
"Hi I am on bussines travel in Saturn Springs and look for a woman like you today or tomorrow. For the rates on your site: Is real sex included?" Brilliant and Witty
"How much for mutual masturbation? 1/2 hr no sex?"
This page is dedicated to those who can’t seem to keep themselves from saying all the really dumb things they shouldn't. I mean seriously, who emails someone and asks them this stuff? For safety reasons, I think I will limit my sarcasm on this page and let the emails speak for themselves.
"Would you ever consider partying with an attractive gentleman with some clean party favors at all? How about taking a little break from your work and going skiing in some fresh fluffy powder? Hmmmm? J Lemme know, k? Thanks."
"Hi ASP Prey, In which city are you now? What kind of services do you offer? How much for them? Best Regards,” Da Cops
"anyone come to the downtown area and want to trade to get 420?"
Not a Cop are You?
"Hi Lovely, Your pictures are beautiful. If you are half as lovely in person you would still be attractive. I love young, chocolate, petite women, but you are a long drive away from me. You advertise as GFE, does that ihclude DFK, BBBJ and multis? I apologize for asking these questions but like I said you are a long drive away and I know what I like and don't like to be disappointed. Thanks Piggly Wiggly"
"Hi Sweetie, My name is Stinger and I saw your ad on cityvibe. You look absolutely gorgeous and I'd love to see you. I am in your City. Do you provide a bbbj as part of your $225 hour service? Thanks, Stinger”
timewaster003015.jpg timewaster003014.jpg timewaster003013.jpg timewaster003012.jpg timewaster003011.jpg timewaster003010.jpg timewaster003009.jpg timewaster003008.jpg timewaster003007.jpg timewaster003006.jpg timewaster003005.jpg timewaster003004.jpg smallbanner.gif timewaster003003.jpg
"Hello ABC, I am interested in some GFE without full service. Perhaps a sensual massage, kissing, fondling, bj, hj. Is that something that you can offer?"
"Hey Sexy, I am interested in more? Do you have more pics? Do you offer CIF and bbbj? TheFuzz”
"I am in town tonight and saw your post on XXX. Wondering if you are close to the airport and if you could wear those jeans for a foot fetish + experience. If so let me know the donation....Thanks. The Fuzz"
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“Tiny Tim - Hello how are you? well interested in you cumming to my house near 88th and washington, the sooner the better, will you do a bbbj to completion well hope to hear from you, and I hope I could ask that question, thanks Tim

Provider Response – lol!!

when could you be here, looking for like a hour mabe two would you be willing to swallow, hope so let me know ill return the favor

Provider Response – LOL!!!!

Tiny Tim - so how long untill you could be here, I live near 88th and washington, and what would be the donation

“for first time client are doing background check? do you visit your clients or i have to come at your place? how much you ask for 1 hour visit in highlands ranch? what kind of service do you provide - i don't wanna be rude for this question ? hope you are real and to hear from you.” Five-Oh
dear sweetie - I see you on your website. You are very stunning.I am really interested in meeting you and have fun.I am a black guy from South Africa,I will stay in Mountain Land until April 15th. during my stay here I hope we can meet and have fun. but I wonder if you are ok with a black guy.What is your rates?I am 43 years old. How long in advance should I call you if I want to make a date? my ideal meeting is a four hour dinner package.you come to my hotel room,we have fun (like "fun" with stranger),then we go to dinner and talk a lot,after that we back to my hotel,we have another fun. what is the price or do you like it? xoxo Barney
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Time Waster - “Hi

I am interested in spending an evening with you on Dec. 5 or 6. I live in Wyoming, but I travel to Mountain Town extensively. I am looking for a laid-back, private meeting with a beautiful woman like you. I am myself a businessman who makes excellent money. I am hoping you will consider meeting with me. I can certainly answer any questions you may have for me. I am highly educated familyman going through a tough divorce. I would certainly like this experience. I have never done this before and I would like as many details as you can give me about all of this. Thanks

Time Waster – “Tread lightly dear, tread lightly You certainly don't know me or who I know. Oh like a US attorney or the IRS perhaps.”

Provider - LOL oh I surely will! Good thing you are the one asking illegal questions Mr. Smartypants.

Time Waster – What was illegal on my part? Questions are illegal? Or is a set up---facade---for generating illegal funds---is that illegal? Not to mention an on going criminal enterprise? My law professor once told our class "Do not assume that the law is on the side of ignorance and those that are unknowing" Anyway its all moot. I reviewed your "gallery" again and thankfully this whole thing blew up before it it ever began. A "well taken care" of body is certainly not truthful on your part. I was remiss in not reviewing your details (i.e age) and by not enlarging your pics.

Provider – Fantastic! I am so glad we can agree that we are not compatible in the least. I am so glad you showed your true colors without any effort on my part. The whole oh you are fat or ugly thing after trying to arrange a meeting shows your vast immaturity and quoting material easily found on the internet shows just how intelligent you truly are. You contacted me. I did not ask you to. You then chose to try to act like you didn't have a clue, but now you do? Interesting indeed. Don't contact me again, or it will be construed as harassment.

"Are you available tonight? so you take credit card? how much?" Tight Lines
“Hi, I am a 24 year old male looking for a provider in the Pluto area, I was wondering if you did anal and if so how much would you charge for one hour outcall? you pictures looked great I hope to hear from you..” Buster Busted
My name is Senior (from Canada). I will be staying at the downtown hilton between July 5th and 8th. I would very much enjoy getting together for the entire evening based on one condition, that you "party" with me. If this is not your cup of tea, I fully understand. Thanks in advance
“ Hi. I found you off Pluto’s Guide. I will be visiting Pluto between August 23 to Ausgut 27 and am looking for GFE. I will be busy with my work during the day time and would therefore require the same post 7 pm in my hotel room. I can do incalls as well; if the same is preferred for you post that time. I request you to kindly let me know the following:
 1) your availability during those dates 2) Your restrictions if you have any 3) Your charges for a one hour GFE 4) Any other details.
Thanking You” -Cop Shop Carl
"How much can I get for 1200?"
"Hi Gorgeous! I'm VERY interested in you after reading your Backpage ad.
I have some questions to help me decide.
• What are your 90 minute and overnight fees?
• Will you do bareback Full Service (BBFS) and bareback Blow Job (BBBJ) with CIM and swallow?
• Do you allow and enjoy "Greek services"?
About me: Older (50+), white, professional male. Absolutely NO STDs/HIV/AIDs. Non-smoker and non-drinker. Allergic to latex - so please NO condoms. Thanks! MJ"
"Good afternoon! How are you doing today? I was interested in maybe setting something up Jan 5 or 6. I had a couple questions for you: What are your rates? Do you offer multiple hours? Do you party? Are your nails done?If so, how are they done? Do you have any more recent pics? Thanks, John Law"
"Hi Lovely I'm in D-town this week on business and would like to get together on Wed or Thurs night. R u available? I'm staying at the RRR Regency. Do u offer Gfe? Do u take credit cards if so I would be interested in a multiple hr meeting. Let me know my # is 619-111-1111
Cheers Jack Lawson "
“Hi, Have the house to myself tonight in Bed Rock, was wondering your rates to come down and party with me for a couple of hours. I can offer the favors and compensate for your time if you are interested. Looking to party around 9pm, let me know if you are interested...” Five-Oh
"Hi I am new at this so what are you doing exactly"