All I can say is read them for yourself and you will know why they landed here.
Some of the Best
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“Hello ABC,

My name is Tiny Tim. You’re a very attractive woman. I’m 48 and disabled. I maneuver around in a wheelchair. I’m paralyzed from the shoulders down. That might bother some people, that’s why I’m emailing you first. If you would be OK with seeing me, I’m looking for a girl to see on a regular basis each week while I’m here for the next 8-12 months on business. I’m renting a house here on The Moon where my attendant/assistant lives with me.

I’d like to find someone I can see twice a week as well as a Friday or Saturday overnight. Overnights are easier for me. I’m Clean and “Normal” in all ways. I can move my head/neck and shoulders and my arms fairly well, I just can’t move my fingers very good and I can’t move my legs, so my partner has to be on top. I’m simply looking for the whole Sensual 100% GFE type of meeting. I’m sure you get the idea. If you are interested in seeing me, email me back with your number and tell me if it is ok to call you. Or call me. If you have any questions about me or my physical condition please feel free to ask. I will explain anything in detail, that you would like to know to make you comfortable when seeing me.

I don’t want to assume anything, so I do need to address one very important thing. Because of being partially paralyzed, I have some diminished feeling in my lower body meaning my G-Spot (not trying to be too graphic) Because of this, I can still reach the Big O, but with latex/lamb barrier, it does not provide me with the feeling of a complete experience and true Big O. That’s why I need One and Only One girl to see 100% exclusively for the next 8 to 12 months that I can be BB with. I will not see multiple partners. I won’t do that. I had a full physical and complete blood work completed Feb 2nd, and can show you my documentation stating that I’m completely free of anything.

I know this type of special request is not just for anyone. The bottom line is, I do require BB. I’m fortunate to be a man of means, so I’m willing to let you name your compensation if you’re willing to spend time with me and fulfill my special request.

If you decide you can help me with my special request, I will certainly make it worth your while. If you have ANY questions about this, please ask. I’m willing to explain anything you would like to know that would make you comfortable with this type of meeting. I hope you will think about it. If I offended you by anything said here, I apologize. I just wanted to get everything out in the open. If I don’t get to see you, Thanks for sharing such nice pictures to admire.

I know the chances of spending time with you are slim, but after seeing your photography, I had to at least try J if you think this kind of arrangement and special request is for you, email me back tell me it’s ok to contact you to arrange some time together. My pic is attached. Thanks for your time ABC.” Tiny Tim

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I am arriving in two weeks, on business. There is a physical element to you that warrants my attention and thus, I would like to procure your services for 12 hours.

Firstly, I have a smoking fetish, this means, I am impulsively aroused by women who smoke, that being said, do you smoke? If you do smoke, the following statements are applicable to you.

Secondly, I have written fifteen (15) separate role-play scenarios that relate specifically to my tastes, as a result, I expect you to enact select role-play scenarios independently or as part of a group.

Each role-play scenario is one (1) page in length outlining the plot, duration, relationship type, location, props and other relevant components. Each role-play scenario is approximately twenty five (25) minutes in length which includes the break interval and revision time for next role-play scenario. Each role-play scenario is outlined concisely making it simple to understand, translate and enact. I will provide the paraphernalia i.e. hand cuffs, rope, tape, belt etc.

Thirdly, not all the role-play scenarios will require you to become the chief depository or focal point, but rather more of a passive observer and/or collaborator. The general theme regarding the role-play scenarios involve smoking and forcible handling. There are no dialogue or monologue scripts which you are required to memorize or translate, improvisation is the mode of manner, though, you will be required to convey the general theme pertaining to the specific role play.

Fourthly, I may hire the services of another escort or two who will take part in the select role-play scenarios conjointly with yourself. You and the other escort will not become intimate, the acquisition of an additional character is simply to perform as a passive observer and/or collaborator as I alluded to earlier, for example, to act as your sister, friend, colleague or deliberate stranger. I am not particular about an escort’s ethnicity, intelligence, attitude, beliefs or race, in fact, impartiality is always preeminent when it comes to indulging and enveloping myself both within the pleasures of the flesh and the ethereal.

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Hello Sweet Dreamer, if we can be civil beings for a moment and put the game aside I wuld like to introduce my self as the one and only (Noc Noc) from SanFrancisco.After viewing your ad I could not resist making a attempt to contact you and perhaps set up a dinner date between the two of us. If your boy friend wants to tag along he is more then welcome to come just long as I may have a single moment to vibe with you, its my treat even if your square guy wants to join. Im really not asking for more then the opportunity to get to know one another if its not too much to ask. I am a distinguished gentleman and not one of the clowns that you are most likely use to runing into.Please believe I have zero intentions on selling you a bunch of sleepy dreams as I am sure you have bought at least once before by the many counterfeit gentlemen that roam the streets this decade.I have the original raw and uncut game in its purest form for sale.My game has nothing to do with the Love Jones that you have fallen for since your first kiss and perhaps the same Love Jones that got you involved in tthis lifestyle.My game is truely about elevation to the next and highest level you are willing to achieve.Sorry I wont play like your boyfriend and I refuse to cupcake and bake cookies with you,but I do have the power to double what eva you make in a period of 24 hours.If you want to reach your full potential and be the best at what you do and get the most out of it I can declare your boyfriend or the counterfeit pimp wont be able to perform the task.They all say it well but are they doing it well? But when they fall, the real gentlemen such as myself will still be standing tall for every REAL hoe to see.Please dont pre judge and be misconcieved or mis concepted about the REAL gentlemen in this lifestyle.I truely understand if you have resentment towards gentlemen of my caliber based on the counterfeit monkey clowns roaming the street,please excuse their abundant ignorance because they have zero knowledge of what to do or how to treat and apreciate a lady of your caliber.Like I said in the begining, I would like the opportunity to ge to know you for you and for you to get to know me for me without the prejudgement and stereotypes.Before I became anything else I was born a Man Child just as you were born a Woman Child.Take the opportunity to learn the real GAME, not the LOVE JONES shit that feels good in the begining and hurts in the end.There are very few gentlemen of my stature for one reason, we are born not made,we bring out the best in you,we make you.The problem today is too many outlaw hoes are trying to turn their boyfriends into pimps then the square ass nigga start ACTING and THINKING hes a real pimp and the outlaw hoe dont like it and leave him on some emotional shit and gets her another boyfriend and does the same thing over again with the next square and in the process she leaves a trail of a bunch of clown ass monkeys that swear they are PIMPS.These are the gentlemen that give the real gentlemen like my self a bad name and ruin the GAME.I speak of genuine game because I am a genuine gentlemen in the game and if you cant percieve that then you either have blindfolds on or your just another hoe in the way just like the monkey clowns.And if thats the case please disregard this text because your probably not worthy of pure game it may be too raw for your stomach to consume.I have nothing against outlaw hoes but please if you are one of them please keep you and your square ass boyfriend wanna bee pimp out the way of the REAL PIMPS AND HOES. CHUCH!!! sincerely straight from the heart of the GAME Noc Noc The Truth hit me back even if its to give ya boyfriend some game!!!!!! he can call me too I got love for anybody that wanna live this life the right way.
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Dear ABC

My name is Info Fisher, and I'm a professor in the economics department at IRS University. Roughly one week ago, I sent you an email asking you to consider participating in a research project led by myself and Doc Youmenting of Store Your Data Consulting, Inc. While some people did respond to that request, some others have not yet responded and I wanted to ask you again to consider participating if you haven't already.

Economists and other social scientists have largely not paid attention to the economic dimensions of the market for adult service providers. The few studies that do exist either focus exclusively on street workers, or are qualitative and anecdotal in nature. We believe the disproportional emphasis on certain kinds of sex workers has created confusion, because it's tended to make those few, limited studies the lens through which all adult service providers are viewed and understood. For instance, it's often assumed that all providers possess the same kinds of risks, the same levels of education, etc. Insofar as there are relevant differences across sex workers, then researchers' ignorance can have policy implications that affects all workers in a potentially negative way.

To remedy this problem, Doc and I decided to personally collect better data on the labor market characteristics from providers themselves. The decision to do this was only the beginning, for immediately we learned of a number of obstacles that keep providers from participating in a study like this. The most significant obstacles refer to our identities and credibility as scientists, and risks related to revealing information to us about their work. Some questions that may have occurred to you are: are we really economists? Are we actually law enforcement? Do we have some kind of agenda (political or otherwise)?

I'd like to take a chance to respond to these concerns. From the beginning of this study, we sought a methodology that would first and foremost protect your privacy. That's why we submitted our proposal to IRS University's Institutional Review Board (IRB). IRB is a panel of scientists who enforce federal guidelines related to the ethical treatment of human subjects. IRB reviewed our proposal and granted us an exemption precisely because we had implemented protocols that ensured your answers would be kept strictly confidential. At no point do we ask you to identify yourselves; we simply direct you to the survey, where you'll be asked questions that only pertain to the narrow topic at hand - your labor market characteristics and factors that plausibly affect your wages. The information that we ultimately have about you is simply a row of answers in a spreadsheet to various questions - no IP addresses, no names, no email addresses. In other words, only the information that you voluntarily choose to give us. Secondly, regarding the possibility that we have an agenda. We address some of these concerns in the FAQ document posted on my website. The short answer, though, is that neither Doc nor myself have any political agenda, nor are we trying to negatively affect your lives in anyway.

It is unfortunately a balancing act to study this particular market - on the one hand, we have actively sought to protect your privacy to the best of our ability while simultaneously requesting information from you. Some would say that these two objectives are mutually exclusive, and many times throughout this study, I have thought the same thing. But, another thought is always in my mind: we are doing this study because the scientific study of adult service providers is incomplete and skewed due to the non-representativeness of street work. We are doing this study, in other words, because we believe that knowing the truth about people is an important goal, scientifically and otherwise.

So, we ask that you would please consider participating in the survey, if you haven't already. Doing so will go a long way in aiding this study. And again, I leave my contact information below in case you want to call or email me. Many providers have called me, so as to be more confident that I am indeed who I say I am, and I encourage you to do the same if you have any concerns. If you agree to take the survey, simply click on the following link, or cut-and-paste it into your address bar in your browser, and you'll then be taking to the survey which is hosted on Baylor servers. you/keeping tabs on asps.htm?id=ksKn7

Thank you again, and I wish you all the best.


Info Fisher

Assistant Professor

Department of Economics

Watching You Lane #98003

IRS University

Waco, TX 76798-8003


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“the intoxicated guy who just wrote are so sexy!!! I cannot belive I am considering this... You cannot know the depths of my feelings for a beautiful woman....... sex,intamacy, romance oh my god!!! the high of all highs!!! How cananyone put aprice on that? I could never afford you.. in the passion I seek!!!! you are too hot!! too sexy! I could make love to you all night and never get enough of you!!!!!! Maybey you have heard that before.... But ABC, if that is your true name...... you are beautiful...

ABC, I have sent you a few emails tonight despite my slight drunkness behavioryou ar in the field of wre both know what!! pleasing men... for cashh. maybey you can help me.. I am single / divorced... I want that one woman you know the type..... best friend lover.. wife...does it exisst? I hope i DON'T SOUND LIKE A FREAK.. YOU ARE SO PRETTY.. AND i JUST NEED A WOMANS OPINION.. CAN YOU HELP ME.... ?? You know what I want .. a wife..... more than anything in tyhis world and I have nowhere to turn... maybe your expertise can help guide me?????? I want it all.. love companionship sex all of it... maybey I am asking the wrong person..... but I feel maybe you canhelp..........????? XYZ

Ok I give... I can'ttake it....I'v e had a few.. AND I am in need of a woman yes for, you know ... and for information on whats in your mind about women ABC... I had a few drinks last night ... I know I contacted your site.. I am not certain of what all I wrote but kind of remember a little of it.. I have never actually tried anything like this before. and honestly doubt that I ever will... I just have very high morals in general.. however.. last night I had way to much too drink and was really in need of a womans company.. well not too much after i wrote to you the alcohol won and I could no longer stay awake. I will admit once again.. you are very pretty.. but this just would not be a good idea.. Sorry If I may have bothered or upset you.. have a wonderful day! sincerely XYZ”

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I found you on eros. I am 47,male, 6-1 and 165 pounds. Good shape. I am interested in your rates for a 24 and a 48 hour session. I am interested in being totally raped, tortured, and humiliated. Tease my cock a LOT but don't let me cum. Be my mommy who seduces me but don't let me cum. Slap my balls. Make me give you oral. Make me suckle on your breasts like a little baby. Make me wear little girls pink panties. Tease me about my tiny cock size. Tie me down face down and spank my butt VERY hard with a belt. Fuck my butt with a strap-on Put nipple clamps on me. Slap my balls until I cry then do it some more. At the end of the 24 or 48 session let me cum but only by masterbating on you then make me lick my cum off you. Humiliate me. Interested in your rates.
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“Hi Sunshine! Thanks so much for the response. I am interested in a 12-24 hour fantasy on Sunday the 8th. Starting any time. I intend for us to relax in our Inverness suite in LALAwood for the duration. Room service and relaxation. A sport bar is available for the race or NBA game today. Wht male, 46, 6'4", 300, brown hair, blue eyes, mustache. Smiles and laughter. Can you be prepared with black sheer or lace lingere, black garter, black sheer thigh high nylons, black FM or dancer heels open toe? Do you have toys that you will use for my viewing pleasure? I am requesting that you attire at " all times " in the lingere requested while resigned to our suite. The nylons and heels to be worn throughout the encounter. I love a womans legs and feet. Please be prepared to dance, model, strip, adorne and masturbate for my pleasure. Be clean and fresh. Manicure and pedicure please GFE, DFK, DATY is the norm. Passion, erotic behavior and laughter should make the evening fun. Please be prepared, I may be a little annoying with my petting and such. I am quite physical. Please no leather, whips, chains or fishnet anything. Passion and pleasure the norm. No Pain. Your attention to detail in this adventure is appreciated. I prefer not to make reminders of my interests. I hope this will not be offensive. What is your food and drink preference? I will enjoy my Crown Royal as always. I have Grey Goose and Malibu for my guest. I do smoke. Hopefully you do or find it not to be offensive. I look forward to a wonderful encounter. Are you ready to party? If interested, please provide all inclusive rate, terms and review locations. Thanks”
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“I'm a good-looking black man who recently just graduated from college, studying TV production and is now back in Prison. Pro toilet slave and love others to humiliate me by using me for personal toilet slavery services for them; oozing sexy scat and fart from out your sexy ass, peeing and cum into my mouth and it going down my throat. I also love the odor of farts and ass to enter my nostrils.

Difference from me and a real toilet is, I'll clean both your private areas with my tongue and I clean really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really well.

Also, if you want to get back at men for the ones that hurt you, then I'm at your service.

LOOKING FOR: People who have experienced having their ass worshipped and have used others as a personal toilet, or never tried it before and curious about how it is to force someone into toilet slavery services and looking to humiliate me, by forcing me to perform toilet slavery services.

WHAT I'LL DO FOR YOU: You're so HOTT and very soon, some kind of way, I would JUST LOVE to meet you and show you how HOTT AND SEXY you are, by servicing you as your ass-worshipper and toilet slave and then tell you how much I enjoy the taste, smell and experience.

I think that you're worthy and it would be a pleasure for me to service you as your ass-worshipper and toilet slave and would JUST LOVE to show you by tasting your sexy stuff.

I also want to smell and eat EVERY fart that you could EVER shoot out of your sexy ass until you can't ever fart again, no matter how long it takes.

I know how to use my tongue and to pleasure anyone in this way and I want to show you that I can. Thanks in advanced.

Secondly, how I would do it, is to get on my knees behind you and remove your panties from behind with my teeth.I would then start spread your cheeks and start kissing, stroking your sexy crack with my tongue and sniffing it. I would also nibble on your sexy crack and cheeks and also grope them. I would also give you food and drinks that make you very gassy and have to shit really badly and then lay on the bed and have you place your sexy ass into my mouth so you can ooze your sexy farts and shit from out your sexy ass and into my mouth. I would also swallow your gas and shits and tell you that it was delicious.

I would then have you place your sexy pussy into my open mouth and start peeing and cumming and I would swallow it all and tell you that it was delicious, too.

I would also have you place your crack on my nostrils and sniff your ass and have you fart directly into my nose.

Lastly, I would lay you on your stomach and rub and squeeze your firm booty, and play with it by patting it as if playing bongos and watch it vibrate and have you flex your booty while I’m squeezing and rubbing it so I could feel it vibrate.

I would then lay on my stomach so you could rub and squeeze my firm booty, and play with it by patting it as if playing bongos and watch it vibrate and I flex my booty while you’re squeezing and rubbing it so you could feel it vibrate.”

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“Hi 123

Thank you for being available for fun and pleasures. I am 27 years old and very girth endowed. Before meeting you, it would be prudent to find out if you would suit me as well as if I would suit you.

I am seeking an Escort that genuinely loves a well endowed man, and that she is very accomodating to all sexual needs.

It is an awesome pleasure and very equitable to both (client and Escort) when a near perfect match is found. In finding the right lady, I would not care how much I would spend on her. A lady welcoming what she gleams as a great client would give herself out more, enjoy her time with him, and make a client for life ( or at least for several years in case of her retirement later).

Meeting a new lady is a bit ambigous at first, trying and time consuming as well. A new client is also trying to most Escorts as expectations and desires are not fully known. Add to that, societies' hypocritical tones about sex which dictates terms that are not equitable.

I believe that most women would love to be appreciatedif/when their vaginas became deep and wide from multiple lovers, childbirths or a combination of both. Most well endowed men love to tear up a woman's vagina, but after she is well used they seek a tighter one. Most men seek a liberal minded woman, but want her to be tight. Since women seek to be accepted and appreciated, they forgo indulging fully in pleasures and lose out by catering to unappreciative men. Just as there are Escorts whose vaginas are loose, there are men like me who appreciate these Escorts, need them, and want them. First of all, to me, a loose vagina is a good sign that the beautiful lady attached to it knows how to please a man. It is irresistable invitingly open and beckoning me to be inside her. It is visually pleasing to my sight. The antecipation of a delicious wet pussy makes my penis harder and my heart beat even fasterand harder.

No Matter how deep and wide a vagina is, there are sexual positions that are mutually satisfying to a lady and to me. After an exhausting pleasure filled time together, it is an even greater pleasure to slowly pull out to reveal a beautiful opening staying open, very wet and very well fucked.

Most women's vaginas are well underused. The average Escort has two clients a day a few days out of a week. In a decade's time, most barely had 5,000 lovers. Most women can accomodate 15,000 to 20,000 lovers over a few decades with ease. The Legendary Kitty Foxx had over 15,000 + lovers and was still very good before retiring in 2004.

I dream of a day when most women get stretched out by 21, and Escort part time from late 20's to late 50s to whomever desires them. I just wish I were young, and wealthy then to be able to enjoy a lot of barely legal to well mature ladies who Escort.

My apologies for a very long e-mail, but time and distances are important in meeting someone new. I needed to explain myself fully so that there would be no misunderstandings.

You are the Escort I seek if:

(1)You genuinely love sex with as many clients as you could fit in a day on a daily basis.

(2)You love men with very thick cocks, and would date countless many even if you yourself were a multi-billionaire Lady.

(3)You don't care and don't mind if your vagina becomes stretched out by countless dates. So long as men seek you and love your vagina, you will give yourself out very often.

(4) You've wanted to be an Escort for a long time before you became one, and even if you retire before your 50s, you would be available to (a)younger man/men when 50 to late 50s for lots of mutual fun.

In case you are tight or very tight, I would still like to meet you if I could be allowed to contribute my part in stretching you. In case you don't want to be stretched, I would appreciate greatly if we would keep in touch and at a much later date connect for some fun and lots of pleasures. Even a five year wait would be very well worth it. Your vagina would be bigger, wider and more used than it is now. Perfect for me and worthy of a large financial gift to be able to partake of it. I look forward hearing from you soon.

timewaster009021.jpg timewaster009020.jpg timewaster009019.jpg timewaster009018.jpg timewaster009017.jpg timewaster009016.jpg timewaster009015.jpg timewaster009014.jpg timewaster009013.jpg timewaster009012.jpg timewaster009011.jpg timewaster009010.jpg smallbanner.gif timewaster009009.jpg
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“Dear Lovely Lynnet,

We haven't talked in awhile. I like your new pics. How are you doing, Sweetie? For me, work has been very busy, but hopefully things will start slowing down a little soon, and allow us to share a day or evening together.

My mind has been on you a lot recently, especially thinking about spending a three or four hours with you in one of your full leather outfits. I'm also considering the purchase of some additional items for you to wear when we do "Leather Night." (I assume Sexy Ladies like yourself still like to get presents?) Please send your current breast and waist sizes.

I'm a little concerned about Leather Night. Since your looong deadly fingernails will be securely sheathed inside the long, sexy, lace-up black leather gloves I gave you, and therefore virtually unusable, your hugs might not have the same painfully effective, skin-ripping, acrylic-enhanced erotic potency that you and I have come to expect. However, I have some suggestions that might improve this situation.

As I recall, in your superb toy box you had a couple of metal-spiked leather wrist bands. One of them had long, thin, black, very sharp spikes, and is NOT suitable for what I am going to suggest.

I am most interested in the other wrist band, the one with larger diameter, silver, not-quite-so-sharp spikes. I would very much like you to see if you can wear this wrist band tightly around your hand, across the palm, just beyond the thumb.

If the wrist band fits around your hand nice and tight, (so it won't slide off too easily if you should hug or caress me) and you were to position it with the spikes on the palm side of your hand, you could quite easily drive those steel spikes very deep into my back (or my chest, or anywhere else you'd like) when you hug me. (Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!) If in addition, you were to rub or caress me with that hand, the sharp tips of those spikes would mark their path across my skin with deep, painful red lines. (Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!)

I think a pair of spiked wrist bands (one on each hand) used in this way would be at least as effective as your incomparable nails, perhaps even more so. Even better, if the strap of the wrist band is narrow enough, you might even be able to fit two wrist bands on each hand, which would mean twice as many spikes impaling my flesh. (Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!) I think your hand might be a little too small to wear two bands, but please let me know if I'm wrong.

I will of course supply the necessary number of additional wrist bands, and (Here comes the kinky part!) I'm also looking at a variety of additional items for you to wear, items that would, with your permission, equip your lovely leather-clad body with a considerable number of spikes, worn in several devastatingly effective places. (If you currently own any spiked items besides those wrist bands, please let me know so I won't buy a duplicate of something you already have.)

As you already know, I'm a pretty sick-minded individual, with a somewhat excessive imagination, so as always, you are free to say "no" if you feel that what I'm proposing is too kinky for you. I've been very horny recently, and fantasizing way too much about this, and hope you will be ok with it.

(In all seriousness, the spikes on the items I've been looking at appear to be similar to the ones on that second wrist band. They are probably not sharp enough to break the skin during normal play. But like your formidable fingernails, they are definitely not "just for looks." They are made to be used, and fully capable of inflicting extremely painful pleasure when applied properly to the victim of your choice. Of course, you get to wear, and use, all the Weapons I have in mind. I only get to be your helpless victim, on the receiving end of your love and the pointy ends of a few hundred hard steel spikes.)

I start "leaking" uncontrollably every time I think about what might happen the next time I'm alone with you, presenting you with my gifts, the spiked Weapons I have been looking at online, helping you with putting them on, and getting them adjusted for a comfortable fit and also, maximum "effectiveness."

In my fantasy, when you are completely outfitted, I might be forced to stand somewhere and wait for a little while, cold, blindfolded, naked except for my shirt, (which I'm sure will quickly be ripped off me upon your return,) and possibly even restrained, while you make your final preparations (Please, please wear extra heavy duty Seductress makeup and perfume for this special occasion.) and get ready to try out your new Weapons on the only available victim.

When at last I hear your high, spike-heeled boots approach me, fear and anticipation would begin to consume me, because I would know just how exceedingly dangerous your new spiked Weapons will make you. There is an old saying that goes something like, "When flesh meets steel, flesh always loses," and I intend to make sure you're wearing lots of steel. As your intended victim, I will be very apprehensive, knowing that you've never worn anything like these Weapons before, and you might inadvertently do me some terrible damage. And being blindfolded, I will be utterly defenseless against you, unable to even anticipate where on my naked body you will next choose to apply your Weapons. My pain will be its own warning.

For the next few hours, with just the "gentle" touch of a spike-studded glove on my skin, or the "accidental" rubbing of your beautiful body against mine in just the right way, you could easily send dozens, or even hundreds of sharp steel points tearing deep into my flesh. (Of course, being a slightly evil Seductress, you probably wouldn't care. And also, being completely encased in leather, you might discover that your steel-tipped Weapons enter your victim so easily, so effortlessly, that you might not even notice the damage you're doing.)

And I would also know that after what seemed like an eternity of pain, eventually you'd tire of experimenting on me with your new Weapons, and pull my body close to yours, finishing me off completely with some really tight hugs. Each time you hugged me tight, the result would likely be a fresh set of very deep, very painful, multiple puncture wounds.

Here's an example of what I might say while you're hugging me very tightly against your body, using your leather-gloved nails: (Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!)

Here's an example of what I might say while you're hugging me very tightly against your body, using your leather-gloved nails and Spikes:

(Please, Lynette, No... Not now... Lynette, please... Not yet... Please... Ohhh,,, Nooooo.... Please, not the SPIKES... They're so LONG... So POINTED... So SHARP... So MANY... Please, not THERE... Please, Lynette... Ohhh... So SHARP... Please... STEEL Spikes, NAKED Body... So DEEP... PLEASE, Lynette... STEEL... SPIKES... HARD... SHARP... So MANY... LONG... STEEL... POINTED... DEEP... Pleeeeease... Lynette... PLEASE... Not so DEEP... Ohhh... Ohhh Gawd... So SHARP... Pleeeease... OHHH... OHMYYY,,, OHHHHH GAWWWWD... OHHHMYFUCKINGGAWD Lynetteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!)

I'm hoping that when we finally have Leather Night, instead of a Lynette Lovedown, I will get to experience the sharp-pointed, steel-tipped tortures of an extremely heavily made-up, spike-studded, leather-clad Seductress Porcupine.

Please send your breast and waist sizes, check out that wrist band, and please also let me know if I am too sick-minded for you and should forget the whole thing.

Thanks, and much love,

D. in the Dungeon

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I would like to tell you a little about myself. I have been used under women's feet all my life. It all started when I was around 5 I was used as a foot rest . Then others heard and watched, soon many girls wanted to try it. Well Anyway lets just say I cant stop this nor do I wish to. Because of this my belly is squashed and at some time I 'll have to let my belly burst. Now I have had very beautiful women many times walking all over me and wanting to pop it but I wasn't ready. I needed to find the perfect women. You are one of a very few that I would allow my belly to pop under With your extremely beautiful body it would be easy for me to let go. I hope we can work out an arrangement that will benefit you financially and me physically. I do understand this is over and beyond the norm but you are so above average next to perfection I just have to try. I will give you any forms, information, or anything you wish if you would please rupture my stomach under your beautiful perfect body. It would be a dream come true for me. Thank you for your time reading this and the time you take thinking about this. My name is Lloyd I am 51 years old I am retired because I deal in real estate and earn a living off the rent that I charge. I am 5 foot 8 and weigh 230 pounds. My stomach is the only thing out of shape on my body so most of my weight resides there. I have enclosed a photo, This girl is 135 foot 6 size 8 feet. If I may ask the size of your feet also would you have a photo showing them or I guess maybe I could ask what they look like. OK here I go is your send toe longer the same size or shorter then your big toes. The arches you have would you say they are flat, low, me,d high, or extremely high. That would mean you have a very high instep if the arches are high Just thought I would mention that, lol. Also I was wondering if your ankles were thin, med, or thick. Thank you again I know this is alot but I really want this to be great and these things are very important to me. The shape and look of your feet. Your body is smoking hot without a doubt. Your perfect for this. A beautiful woman jumping on my stomach likes it her personal trampoline with her beautiful bare feet, along with your perfect body, will create a lot of force when you land, lol. Like I said my belly is like warm bread dough.You will Love it under your beautiful bare feet. Hope to hear from you! Belly Bursting Boyd
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I feel like I have to know you. So much so my heart is almost racing with excitement as I write you, just as it did as I read through your web site. I hope this introduction will let you see into the way I think and that maybe you will want to get to know me. To say that I want you is such an under statement. I can't believe the connection I made with you from just reading through your web site. Everything you said was just what I needed to hear. You are very much the type of woman I have wanted to know for so long. The kind of woman I have craved to know and spend time with. The kind of woman who makes me feel alive. And I decided that before I ever saw your photos. When I did finally look at them, it just sealed the deal. This is new to me...I hope that won't be a deal breaker for you. I have few friends here yet and often feel cut off from the outside world because it is a small town 150 miles from anything of any size. But this is a small town and I just don't have the energy or the desire for a "traditional relationship" or "traditional girlfriend" or even traditional dating and the strings and drama that can be included. So you can understand how I can get in the mood for some special company. Sometimes I travel to Colorado, sometimes the Grand Junction area, but my favorite spot is Glenwood Springs which is about the 1/2 way point for me to Denver. First of all it has difficult in my search to feel comfortable and confident there was no rip-off. Second, the type provider I would be most comfortable with wouldn't be the type to drop everything and be there in an hour. And might not even be the type of person that "advertised" on a regular basis. And an hour would never do for what I am looking or. There are a lot of girls to choose from, but when you are wanting something just aren't satisfied with anything less. But I found your web site and for some reason I had a great feeling like you might be someone who understands that. I think I am just so attracted to you and your likes, that I want you to understand. But maybe I can tell by your response. This is what it is, but even so, I really love to have some chemistry and I like to take time to let things go slow and the anticipation and excitement build naturally and I think I am much more enjoyable to be with if it is that way. I would like to find someone that wants me to be to be fun to be with too. And I would love to find the person that would be okay for me to become a regular and enjoy us learning more about each other as we have the opportunity to spend time together. Especially if she has a very naughty slightly twisted side. I love the honesty of being upfront with our desires, the respect for boundaries and ease of being able to make a date without a lot of preliminary game playing. And to be honest, I need someone who would be drama free and understand and appreciate that I have a pretty open mind and a slightly twisted nature and I just haven't met that kind of woman where I am living. I guess what I am hoping for is someone that would enjoy an on going "friendship" where we each understand what it is about, but were we both enjoy our time together as an experience and not simply as time on a clock. I guess I am hungry for more of a total connection. Laughing, that electric touch, the flirting. I guess I desire what a girlfriend would bring to my life, but without the complications or strings. The sensuous connection with someone, even if it is just for the time we are together. And hopefully with someone who is as excited as I am for us to have that time together on occasion. I love the pleasureful process of anticipation, dressing up, and becoming seduced in a great atmosphere over good food and conversation. I love the sexiness of flirting, and the subtle teasing over an intimate meal. I love the mental foreplay between two people who are attracted more and more as the evening goes on. I love the idea of getting to know each other in a social setting like a restaurant so we will get to know each other naturally. There is something arousing to me about going from first date nervousness to becoming sensually aware, sexually excited and finally completely seduced. The first touch, maybe a hand on a leg under the table. The closeness in the elevator on the way to the room and not being able to resist taking the first kiss. I am a non judgmental person, very open-minded, and I love to push limits. And I love a woman who also likes that and is turned on by pushing mine. I like exploring the possibilities our minds create. Starting with the mental foreplay I mentioned before. I don't like limiting myself. I'm twisted yet sensual. I love quiet, tender, loving moments because I am a huge romantic and I love for those moments to escalate into passionate, no holes bared sexually intense experiences when the mood leads to that. The kind we might both smile about when we think of them later. The kind of smile that makes us start to look forward to the next adventure. Sorry to go on so. I guess I got carried away just a bit. I didn't mean to do that. I just wanted you to know a little about me and know I am serious. But I would love to hear from you. I would love to have a chance for us to get to know each other. Feel free to email me or even call or text anytime. Hope I hear from you. I think that I am in love with you.
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“Hi there,

We saw your ad on blahblahblah and thought we should say hello. I'm John, 36, and the other half of my we is Candy, 51. I work overseas but when I am back home we're not too far from your corner of the world (just around the corner in Colaville). We share a very particular fetish and are hoping to find someone who is open minded enough to join us. If you think you are and would like to find out more please get back to me. I am back in town now and we are both available any day this week and would like to book you at least overnight if possible. We would be happy to host or come to your place. Hope to hear from you soon.

John & Candy,

Hi John & Candy,

Thank you both for your time and consideration!! I am interested in knowing more about y'alls particular fetish?

Hugs, Lady Sexy

Lady Sexy,

Thank you for getting back to us so quickly and for at least being inquisitive enough to ask about our fetish. Actually, fetish isn't the most appropriate word, what we're into is more of a lifestyle choice. Without being overly dramatic about it we've found that we enjoy ourselves much more when we invite someone else to join us who is aware and we've universally found its better to get it out up front. Candy is my mom. She grew up in a sexually active family and when she had me it was very natural for her to include me in her sex life as well. We still very much enjoy being with each other but we really enjoy sharing our taboo with others who are excited by it. We are very stable, personable, and rational people who enjoy a type of sex life that "most people" think is pretty deviant and we are very used to people very politely saying that its not their thing as well as reacting very violently. If its not your thing we prefer the no hard no foul rule and we all can stay in our separate corners. If it is something you'd like to explore further shoot us a note back any time. Hope to hear from you again soon.

John & Mom

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Good evening, I am writing to you on behalf of Our Lord in conjunction with my work for Him helping souls break free from this lifestyle either by necessity or by your own free will. I have helped many women understand what Our Lord teaches concerning this lifestyle and sin and the consequences Our Lord taught. I, once too lived a life in the flesh, so I ma able to speak freely and easily upon this subject and can relate many experiences with you.

If you truly are not interested in change or at least attempting then by all means continue and disregard this, I will leave Scripture on what Jesus has said concerning a life in the flesh so you don’t think I am personally judging you nor would I have to this lifestyle judges itself according to what Our Lord said.

So im not taking it from that standpoint but rather to direct, these are indeed dire times we are entering into the period Jesus warned us about in Matthew, Mark and Luke, very soon there will be no money literally, famines earthquakes, floods pestilences will continue all over and will culminate in the worlds greatest disaster even worse than the flood because of sin. I even know three days previous to when it will happen

So I prepare souls and take my own time out, there will be very few places that will survive. Im an avid expert on the the evil powers to be and can help explain if you are interested in change.

If you are a different religion or pagan and not interested disregard and stay that path. Im interested only in hearing from those who truly want change and the support necessary to do so. Again souls will live by faith alone in the near future think life as it was in the pilgrim days, the modern era will end.

Again Ive helped many in fact my main prayers and sufferings are for the young ladies in this field to recognize what they are really doing spiritually. If you do not know about Jesus that is fine as well we can discuss too.

There is urgency what you see on the nightly news in terms of all the disasters tornadoes and earthquakes are going to get worse including the worst world war in history, a revolution here in the west shortly, economic collapse, and again the worst calamity ever to ever hit humanity as a result of sin, this is a main sin/lifestyle that the Lord is greatly displeased with and can attest to with my past…

So know that I love you, praying for you and in this message hoping for a few more souls that the Lord will convict …all those responding in jest will just be ignored, only those wanting more info/help

Love you , God Bless

mortal sin is sin that, unless forgiven and fully absolved, condemns a person to Hell after death. These sins are considered "mortal" because they constitute a rupture in a person's link to God's saving grace: the person's soul becomes "dead", not merely weakened. The phrase is used in First John 5.16-17:[1] "If you see your brother or sister committing what is not a mortal sin, you will ask, and God will give life to such a one - to those whose sin is not mortal. There is sin that is mortal; I do not say you should pray about that. All wrongdoing is sin, but there is sin that is not mortal." (NRSV)

a mortal sin, as distinct from a venial sin, must meet all of the following conditions at the same time:

Its subject must be a grave (or serious) matter. It must be committed with full knowledge, both of the sin and of the gravity of the offense (no one is considered ignorant of the principles of the moral law, which are inborn as part of human knowledge, but these principles can be misunderstood in a particular context). It must be committed with deliberate and complete consent, enough for it to have been a personal decision to commit the sin.

For this is the will of God, your sanctification: that you abstain from sexual immorality; that each one of you know how to control his own body in holiness and honor, not in the passion of lust like the Gentiles who do not know God; that no one transgress and wrong his brother in this matter, because the Lord is an avenger in all these things, as we told you beforehand and solemnly warned you. For God has not called us for impurity, but in holiness. Therefore whoever disregards this, disregards not man but God, who gives his Holy Spirit to you.

—1 Thessalonians 4:3-8

But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh. For the desires of the flesh are against the Spirit, and the desires of the Spirit are against the flesh, for these are opposed to each other, to keep you from doing the things you want to do. But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the law. Now the works of the flesh are evident: sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions, divisions, envy, drunkenness, orgies, and things like these. I warn you, as I warned you before, that those who do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.

—Galatians 5:16-21


This was entirely separate from a different source, but thought I would include it with the “email of the quarter” as it fits the theme.

Emma died today. She is now in the eternal prison suffering continual torment with the rest of the fornicators. She constantly begs and pleads to God for mercy but her requests fall on deaf ears. She was a shameless whore that did not listen to God's warnings while she was still alive. "The harlot's pathways lead straight to hell" - Proverbs 7. "All fornicators shall have their part in the lake for fire. This is the second death" - Revelation 21

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“Sweetie, i came across Your Eros profile online. Very, very nice, indeed. i don't mean any disrespect in sending You this email, and i do apologize if this isn't Your thing. my wife and i will be in the Denver area this Thursday, 8/4, through Monday, 8/8. And just when You think You've heard just about every kink...

my name is Thor, and i'm 47, educated, professional, fun, friendly, easy going... and make friends easily. i'm in good shape and have an athletic build. my wife's name is Bambi. she's a Latina woman... attractive, professional and fit. By most standards, we'd be considered an attractive couple. We're also secretly submissive behind closed doors. i know opposites are supposed to attract, but in our circumstance, that's not the case. We're both very comfortable in our submissive roles... and enjoy submitting together when the opportunity presents itself. Friends, family, professional colleagues, etc. would be shocked to learn we were submissive. We're both outgoing and in leadership/management roles in our professional lives... and sort of a power couple in the community. We're actually looking for hair cuts and dinner/drinks in public... perhaps some private, submissive time, too, if You're into it. That's right... i did say "hair cut." :) my hot button is a lifelong hair fetish. It's what i fantasize about constantly. my fetish has roots from my experiences as a young boy and having my head buzzed short on a regular basis. For young people today, that look is popular and no big deal. In the 60s and 70s, i stuck out like a sore thumb, and on a regular basis, i was taunted, teased, laughed at and humiliated… from boys and girls. i've never forgot about those experiences, and it amazes me how much pleasure i get now… thinking back about the humiliation i felt then. In the past, Bambi has always watched when my locks have been stripped from me in a lifestyle scene or at the barbershop/salon. This time, however, she wants to join in the fun and submit for a hair cut, too. This will be a first for her. my hair has actually grown out quite long these days. i have a full head of brown, naturally curly hair. Bambi’s hair is dark, thick and medium length down to her shoulders. On Saturday, after meeting and developing a comfort level (maybe over lunch or drinks), we'd love to make back-to-back appointments at a salon or barber shop... where You take control... and let the stylist know You want my hair buzzed short or even shaved. Then, when she's through with me, you insist on the same cut for Bambi. You'll probably have to put Your foot down and stick to Your decision when the barberette/stylist tries to talk You out of it. You doing the hair cutting/shaving is also a possibility... if You think it would be fun After our hair cuts, we head out for dinner and drinks... and expose our freshly shaved/buzzed heads to the public. With You giving our new looks a lot of attention. Maybe a trip to a exotic/dance strip club... and girls could be tipped to join in on the fun and teasing. i can't even begin to tell You how liberating this kind of experience is for me. And i'm excited that Bambi wants to participate, too. i'm sure it will be an experience we'll both remember for a long time. We'll be taking care of business in Old Norse on Thursday and Friday... and then ready for play... and hopefully for You to take care of business... on Saturday. We have no plans on Sunday either... if you have any ideas or creative ways to continue the fun. The public humiliation aspect is a very big turn-on and really gets our submissive juices flowing. Returning home with a couple of buzzed/shaved heads, our story for friends, co-workers and others will involve our participation in a fundraising event for cancer research ("Shave for a Cure" type event)... although we'll know better. :) If You're interested and think it would be fun... let us know. Go ahead and give me a call (or email me) at (831) xxx-xx30... and let us know we'll be getting hair cuts this weekend in Old Norse. The message sounds work-related, but it's my cell phone and the voicemail message is private. Thank You for Your consideration. submissively,


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Hey sexy, saw your profile and i liked it... in- call or out- calls

provider response - > Hi, Thanks, I'm strictly outcall for the present time. Lots of information on my site and more to come at: providerswebsite I'm not available until January 2.

His response back - Thanks for your reply.. Am much interested in you.. but we need to build trust between our self, am a man of big reputation.. so i do things privately.. like i told you am important man by name have got two kids. but my wife is late.. i lost her some couple of years back.. up till now have not seen any other person like her till now.. but on her sick bed i promised her not to do anything that would hurt her in any manner. never the less she died after three days.. that hurts me so badly.. .since then i have never had any other person and there is a limit which someone could hold on when it comes to sex issue.. basically have not had sexy for the past few years. but i have a conference to attend in the state which i really need someone to be with. for some days or hours i would like to ask if i can schedule an appointment with you .. i would let you know time and date. if its okay by you.. pls am keeping this way from my kids. best wishes –

He definitely writes like a very big and important man! We are certainly thrilled he is keeping this way away from his kids, but maybe social services needs to visit them.