What is this "pleasure time" he is talking about?
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"Hi there ABC.... Im John Doe here ... just saw your ad on XXXXXXXX ads and I am very interested. Im a 39 yo very generous, clean, discrete, openminded funloving male... Im 5'6'' 180 lb brown hair eyes average build. Actually visiting The Pluto area for the week.. arriving on Sunday for a week. Looking for some fun people to chat with .. maybe meet for some mutual fun. I am very very openminded, funloving,... very oral... CRAVE IT!! Love a like minded woman. Into GFE, DATY, DFK and FS. I Would love to learn more. I have a pic to swap if you have one?? I chat in Yahoo under 12342000. Email me back and lets go from there."
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"Hello, I will be coming down there very soon for a Conference which will be taking place beside your location. i shall keep you update as soon as the date is confirmed; please i will like to know your best offer as i will be having you for the 3 hours and you will also get back to me with your current location through your e-mail address and best offer per night and your contact phone number so as to continue with you for upfront payment as i like your ads. Here is my e-mail address. xxxxxxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com .i love using this prepaid mail account for the maximum security it entails. I await your quick response asap."
Gee you don't even know me, but you are willing to give me all that???
Tempting... oh so tempting, but what the hell is he talking about???
"ABC! You are certainly beautiful and sexy. My compliments to you! I am considering a 4-5 hour session. Early morning, with a photo shoot of the attached poster, but a bit more profactative. I understand if your face is not wished to be viewed. A HAT, or a turn of the face can be done. PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Your court! Cheers! ...from the forest!" Me Stupid
HINT: If you are so broke you have to ask for discounts FIND A CHEAPER HOBBY!
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"hi Scammer i got your email from XXX dreams my profile is hottie when will you be in town? ****************************************** Scammer wrote: Hello love, i am happy i got a mail from you and hope you are good, anyways was hoping we could get chatting and get better acquinted before we eventually meet and hope you got my pics,this would be a vacation i really want to enjoy and hope you could make it worth while could also pay you a thousand dollars upfront if you dont mind,so if you want it that way,just let me know cos i have a payment which i was going to direct to my travelling agent in Australia, was thinking i should have it posted to you then you could receive the check, hold on to a thousand dollars which i would be paying you upfront then you have the remaining balance sent to my traveling Agent in Australia so they can arrange for my trip,i hope i could trust you with this cos all i am doing now is to make you happy and i hope you would also make me happy by satisfying me in all ways you can, cant wait to have you around me ,let me have your full details so i can have the check sent to you as soon as possible,full name and addy, and tel no lov scammer ************************************************** Hottie - wrote: you can send it to a western union in Sexyville, AZ just assign it a passcode. of course you can trust me, i have a very good reputation for being honest and good hearted. *************************************************** Scammer wrote: Hello sweety, thanks for reaching me in time but the payment would be sent by a check payment to you and you would be going ahead to cash the cheque and as you have said itrust you,then you would send the remaining fee which is meant formy travelling expense to the states to my travel agent.please reach me with the following details so i can have the check sent to you by my client thru ups soonest NAMEON THE CHECK- ADDRESS CITY- STATES ZIPCODE TELNO Please reach me soonest with the detailed information so i can have the check reach you soonest ,take care and have a lovely day. Scammer ************************************************** Hottie - wrote: ok but im going to check with my bank first and see how they want it done so your efforts and time arent wasted. i'm sure things might be different here than they are there. i dont want it to get messed up cuz i really need the money right now. you are my angel. i wouldnt want anything to delay your forthcoming arrival. i'm so excited to meet you. was wondering do you have any high resolution pics of your wiener you could maybe send me ? ************************************************** Scammer wrote: hello sweety, How are you and i very much understand you and really happy you could explain things to me better but let me asure you that there is no problem about the check,just let me have the details needed to have it cashed,well the check payment amounts to 4000dollars only and you would be hoding on to a thousand dollars,i would also make a tracking no available and reach you on phone from time to time to reduce your stress,i would be expecting to read from such a very nice and out spoken women soonest,just trust me this once and you would not regret doing so.Have a lovely day. Sugar Scammer *********************************************** Hottie - wrote: did you know that there are lots of places that take checks over the internet now. i think you can even do that with pay pal and i have a pay pal account so probably you could just deposit the funds into my pay pal account. and then i can go ahead and immediately give you difference into your pay pal account or i will just hold on to it for you until you get here. whichever is most convenient. just let me know. oh i know my cell company definitely takes checks over the internet.. i know they do cuz i actually gave them one last month so what you can do is make a payment on my cell phone account and you can pay more than what is owed and they will still just give me the credit for that so you can pay as much as you want and anything you pay over a thousand dollars, i will go ahead and send that to you immediately or again, i could hold on to it until you get here, whichever is most convenient for you. so thats definitely a way i think we can do this ********************************************** Scammer - wrote: hello sweety, i really wish i had that means at my reach but the only means for me now is from my client and there would be no problem cos its a check you can cash in any bank over there,well the check payment also includes my travelling fee wish you would be sending to my travel agent in Australia,pls do fill this information and get back to me,later sweety. NAMEON THE CHECK- ADDRESS CITY- STATES ZIPCODE TELNO, Please reply this email soonest Scammer ************************************************* Hottie - wrote: just so you know, i really dont mind going through all this trouble for you. I'M LIKE SO SURE YOU'RE WORTH IT !!!! But you should maybe look into getting your own checking account lover cuz you know sometimes people on the internet are not trustworthy at all and you know they never really tell you that upfront which is totally unfair but unfortunately its true. But dont let that get you down cuz on the upside, these people will surely have their balls sizzling and popping when they are spending eternity in hell and who knows but with a lil luck maybe i think i'll be the one who gets to jab them in the ass with a pitchfork and if i'm REALLY good and practice my aim i betcha i can snag a wiener on that fork and toast it right up there on the spot. YUMMY !!!!!!!!!!! so you know, if it wasnt for these jackasses, hell would probably be no fun at all. hope to MEAT you soonest sweety ********************************************* Scammer - wrote: hello, i have already contacted my client and he has made sure the check he would be sending would be easily cashable in your location,pls endeavour to have you information forwared to me soonest.because time is really not on my side,have a lovely day and do reply this mail soonest. Scammer ********************************************* Hottie - wrote: oh no dont worry at all.. i know my bank is totally super dooper fast and they will definitely get back to me within 3-5 biz days cuz they always do. but i know exactly what its like to be short on time cuz you wanna know why ? IF I DONT LEAVE RIGHT NOW ALL THOSE GODDAMN BLUE HAIRED BITCHES WILL HAVE TAKEN ALL THE GOOD MACHINES AT THE CASINO AND I'M JUST SO SURE OF THAT !!!!!!!! oh and darling, i hope you like black cuz while i am out i plan to stop and buy something very sexy just for you.
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"Bed Rock doctor looking for trophy wife! Want to retire? Extremely hard working, HOT, talented, single, , super talented lover, sucessful Bed Rock doctor with very little time to go hunting for dates but am looking for some very special relationship (how permanent or how casual is up to you). wwit a thing for delicious = women(and they are very hard to meet in Bed Rock). As you can see below. I am a 5 ft 11 in 190 lb. muscular nice 55 yr. old alien, ((probably to old for you), usually tanned (so I have a cute white butt) Bed Rock professional (MD) Caucasian Single Wiccian male with a muscular body, hairy chest, silver hair, rugged looks. l . I enjoy the finer things in life that NY has to offer including but not limited to ,swimming sailing on my yacht scuba diving dining theaatre, museums, fine dining clubbing hanging on my yacht, fishing etc romantic walks, kissing, cuddling, worshiping and trying to keep an goddess like you happy AND FULFILLED FOREVER. I would love to fulfill all your physical, mental emotional and romantic needs wants and desires if interested in a sincere non professional relationship (of your choosing) based on love laughs and lust leading to a sexual mental and emotional ecstasy (without drugs) call xxx xxx xxxx if i BECOME Yours IT WILL ALWAYS be about you and your needs wants and desires"
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"I'm very interested in your services Friday morning at 9:00 as we discussed. My only hesitation is your rates seem a little high, although your website says to contact you for day rates (earlybird special?). I don't mind being screened and in fact I was wondering if we could meet for lunch (your choice, my treat) on Thursday to get to know each other? I'm looking for a regular relationship and don’t want to waste your time or mine if there is no chemistry between us."a sincere non professional relationship (of your choosing) based on love laughs and lust leading to a sexual mental and emotional ecstasy (without drugs) call xxx xxx xxxx if i BECOME Yours IT WILL ALWAYS be about you and your needs wants and desires"
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A really smart Lady won't pass this Golden opportunity!

doctor looking for Lady with beauty, intelligence personality, charm and grace for love laughs and lust to worship and if it works marry!

Extremely hard working, HOT,talented sensual, talented, clean, kind, generous, . great looking, muscular, high energy , stamina, work out daily hirsute incredibly talented, single, , super talented , sucessful doctor with very little time to go hunting for dates but am looking for some very special relationship (how permanent or how casual is up to you). wwit a thing for delicious women(and they are very hard to meet in my city). As you can see below. I am a 5 ft 11 in 190 lb. muscular nice 55 yr. old Scorpio, ((probably to old for you), usually tanned (so I have a cute white butt) professional (MD) Caucasian Single Jewish male with a muscular body, hairy chest, silver

hair, rugged looks. l . I enjoy the finer things in life and NY has to offer including,sailing on my Yacht, travel , fishing, sking in Colorodo, Utah and vermont, travel to the carribean and florida, fine dining, \clubs, thatre, museums brunches, walks in the park, kissing, cuddling, worshiping and trying to keep an goddess like you happy AND FULFILLED FOREVER. I would love to fulfill all your physical, mental emotional and romantic needs wants and desires if interested in a sincere non professional relationship (of your choosing) based on love laughs and lust leading to a sexual mental and emotional ecstasy (without drugs) call XXX-XXX-XXXX if i BECOME Yours IT WILL ALWAYS be about you and your needs wants and desires

photo available after your reply

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“hi- my name is Ithinkiamreallycool. you can see more anbout me and my company at www.xxxxxxxxxx.com in the events and client sections. drop me a note as i think there a re ways we can work together. basically, you would attend my companies events and get to know the guests etc. i think this would be good business for you. i am not looking to get involved with your business other then having you attend. what do you think? send me an e-mail with your picture and mobile numbner and we can discuss details. Best,” Ithinkiamreallycool “ps, do you ever make to xxxxxxxxxxxx? for you to attend the meeting i would be willing to pay you ZERO! You expect to be paid? Are you kidding me. i am offering you acces to some of the worlds wealtiest people. in business, that means i hold the cards ... good luck with all of your endeavors. i honestly feel like you are missing a golden opportunity. i made you a tremendous offer and you asked for more. does not seem right to me. send me your picture and mobile number and i can explain in more detail"
"Hello, My name is captain smith am a sailor,i was browsing the internet for a beautiful lady who could be my escort and am glad i saw your ads,i would like you to get back to me if you will be available for me and do name your price you going to stay with me for 2days,i will be anxious to read back from you, thanks."
"I'm a virgin...is that ok? Would u be gentle"
"I came across your website and had a question. I know I sound a little stupid on this but I have never done anything like this, but what kind of services are you offereing?"
"Hello, i’m italian boy.
I have 36 years and I love to travel in motorbyke in Europe, beach or mountain and camping, in my vacations. The past summers I have been on the beaches of Spain, France, Croatia, Holland, but also Hungary, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Slovenia, Poland, Republik Czech, Repubblik Slovanska, Lithuania, Latvia... I search a girl that she loves to travel in motorbyke and that she wants to make from travel’s partner in order to organize the next vacations. Usually I make of the trance of vacations from 10 - 15 days and succeed not to spend very. I’m single and I search girl in order to amuse themselves and to discover new worlds, new cultures, new people... Do you want to jump on my motorbyke?" Luv, Dillweed
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“What exit are you off for incalls? What hours are you available? Any "early bird" specials before lunch time?

Thanks, Mr. Photo Jerker”

“Hi Mr. Photo Jerker,

I am located off of Exit 10- Red Dog. I am usually available from 10-6, unless you make an appointment otherwise. I am not currently offering specials. Thanks for asking.”

“Thanks! Any other pictures you can share? The ones on Cityvibe look great, but I prefer to see a more candid 'natural' picture.

Thanks, Mr. Photo Jerker”

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“Hi Lovey,

From time to time business allows travel to your area. As I viewed your photos, wondering about your facial features, the realization that in order to view you fully and assess your total beauty would only come to pass if I were to make a trip to your town and visit you in person. With this inspiration of clarity I would like to find myself being embraced by your arms and glazing upon your eyes with the surrounding area of your enticing face. Your body is a vision that I would like to hold and experience the passion of which I perceive in your writings. It is only wise that I take a flight to the area to engage in some contrived business and indulge in your sweet nectar. With that vision in my head I must say good bye and look forward to meeting you. Would you allow me the pleasure of an outcall appointment to my temporary hotel of residence your area?

Awaiting with anxious anticipation,

Overly Enthusiastic Eddie”

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“I was wondering if your available for a incall tomorrow around 11 or 12PM. I was wondering how old you are and if you have any other pics to see if your my type. Very Respectfully, Idiotic Igor”
"I came across your website and had a question. I know I sound a little stupid on this but I have never done anything like this, but what kind of services are you offereing?"
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Just noticed your ad on gfeclub or eros, cant remember. Anyway, youre beautiful. Me, 38yo/div/white professional male. I love to pamper and spoil and believe this is the best way to show true affections. I know what makes my girl happy.

Do you think it would be possible if the chemistry is right, you could leave that lifestyle? I understand you may have more sugar daddys besides me, but are you atleast open?

Here are my profile links on various sites.. I don't believe ladies have to pay. Please let me know. As you can see i've been aggressively looking. Is my search over now that I have found you? You seem perfect.

Sincerely, Redundant Richey”

timewaster002036.jpg timewaster002035.jpg timewaster002034.jpg timewaster002033.jpg timewaster002032.jpg timewaster002031.jpg timewaster002030.jpg timewaster002029.jpg timewaster002028.jpg timewaster002027.jpg timewaster002026.jpg timewaster002025.jpg smallbanner.gif timewaster002024.jpg
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Thank you for not deleting this email right away. While you and I may not know each other, what I want to tell you is important enough for me to want to contact you. But don’t worry, I obtained your email address off of the internet and will not contact you again unless you reply.

I assure you that this is not a solicitation or a scam of any kind. I do not want to sell you anything or sign you up for anything. My hope is that you will continue to read the email. My hope is that, in the end, you will see this letter as so much more than "spam."

The reason for the email you see, is that I used to be trapped in sexual addiction. I used to visit with service providers and am familiar with the emotional pain that some of you are in and are trying to fill with sex. I am also quite aware of some of your financial reasons for doing this. I am also aware of the dangers that you put yourself into everytime that you see someone, and I don't want anything to happen to you. Jesus Christ rescued me from a life of sexual sin and depravity and I want to share the Gospel with you. You might have heard it before, but I doubt you've heard it put quite like this.

The Bible says in Hebrews 9:27 that “it’s appointed for every man once to die, and then judgment.” What that means is that everyone dies once and is then judged before Almighty God. So, if you are standing before God on Judgment Day, are you going to heaven or hell? Have you been a good person? You might think so but, unfortunately though, we aren’t going to be judged by any human standard of goodness. There is only one standard by which we can all be judged and that standard is God’s Law, also known as the Ten Commandments. The Bible says in Romans 2:15 that God “has written the law upon the heart of every man in the form of our conscience” so that when we die and face him, we will have no excuse.

I've already admitted to you that I am a sinner, so let’s go through them real quick for you. Have you ever broken the 9th commandment by lying? Of course you have. A

person who does that is called a liar. Have you ever broken the 8th commandment and stolen anything (regardless of value)? A person who does that is called a thief. We'll go

ahead and skip over the 7th commandment against adultery. What about the 6th commandment against murder? Jesus also says that whoever hates a person, without cause, has committed murder in his heart. Have you ever hated anyone? If you’re like most people, at this point you are a lying, thieving, murdering adulterer at heart standing before a just and holy God.

At this point, you might be saying to yourself, I don’t believe in God, Heaven, or Hell. I say that it doesn’t matter what you believe. Let’s say that someone held you up at gunpoint, would you laugh at him and say "I don't believe in guns!"? Of course not! That’s because your disbelief doesn’t negate reality and believe me, GOD IS REAL. Or are you willing to bet your eternal life on it?

Or, you might be saying to yourself, “I don’t believe that God would judge us so harshly. My god is a god of love and forgiveness and would never send anyone to Hell”. You are right. Your god would not send anyone to Hell because he doesn't exist! What you've just done is broken the 2nd commandment against idolatry. When you create a god in your mind to suit yourself, you are turning your back on the real God. Have you ever broken the 3rd commandment by using our Creator’s name in vain as a four-letter cuss word? That’s called blasphemy and is very serious in God’s eyes.

So, if you are still reading this then you’ve probably said, “That’s impossible! No one can live up to the standard of the Ten Commandments.” You are right. No one can. Man is not perfect. We were born into sin and have a sinful nature. God is so holy and so perfect that his standard is unattainable to mortal men. You might say, but that’s not fair! What about forgiveness? God is supposed to forgive us of our sins. What about all of the good things that I’ve done in my life?

Well, let’s look at an example. What if you were in a courtroom standing before a judge and you had just been convicted of murder. You did it. You’re guilty and all that's left is for the judge to render his sentence: $500,000 or death. You can’t just say to the judge “Your honor. I just wanted to say that you are a good man and that I know you will forgive me of my crime. Besides, what about all the other good things I've done in my life?” What’s the judge going to say? If he is a good judge then he’s going to send you to the electric chair. He might want to be merciful, but he can't just set you free, the law demands a penalty. Since God is a good judge and because he is so good and so holy, he has no choice but to send you to Hell. The law demands a penalty and the Bible says in Romans 6:23 that “the wages of sin is DEATH”.

But, here’s where your story takes a turn for the good. You are about to be lead away in shackles when all of a sudden, someone comes into the courtroom and pays your $500,000 fine. The judge then sees that the requirement of the law has been fulfilled. And since you’ve met the requirements, you are now free to go! That’s what Jesus Christ did for all of us when he died on the cross 2000 years ago. Jesus Christ came to earth, God in human form, born of a virgin, lived a perfect and blameless life, was crucified on the cross, and then rose from the dead three days later as a payment for our sins. All we have to do is accept the payment and we are free from eternal damnation!

How do we accept the payment? All that is required from us is to ask God for forgiveness, repent (turn away) from our sins, and then trust in the Lord Jesus Christ with all of our hearts (Romans 10:9). When we do that, Jesus Christ washes away all of our sins and we can now stand before God blameless on Judgment Day. Then read your Bible and obey it, join a local church and be baptized. God will make you into a new person with new wants and desires. He doesn’t want to send you to Hell, He loves you. You've probably heard John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him, will not perish but have eternal life."

Well, that’s it. Thank you for reading all the way through. I thank you for your time and my prayer is that you will consider all that you’ve read and seek Jesus Christ for eternal life today. Don’t wait for tomorrow because we never know when we will be taken from this earth and now that you've read this email you are without excuse when you stand before God.

To Him be the glory,

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“Hi Sexy Suzy,

When are you available? I'd like to meet for a discreet intimate massage.

Lenny Loser

Hi Lenny Loser,

I am available between the hours of 10:00am and 7:30pm Mon thru Fri. My office is located in the central/S Metro; I90 and Dirk Diggler Drive would be the closest freeway intersection. Once you become established clientele my hours are more flexible and weekends are available with advance booking.

I offer a FBSM experience, I usually wear something revealing and comfortable, I am not nude and I don’t work with fetishes. I offer a fabulous massage session that caters to men and their specific needs. I do have over 5 years experience performing massage and am able to cater the session to fit your needs. You can expect a massage and not be disappointed. I do work with professional products in a spa environment. You can expect a heated table, fresh cotton linens and organic, unscented, non-greasy lotions. I also have steamed towels available for your convenience after the massage.

I am 28 years old, 5'4 and have a curvy 125lb build with a natural 36C size bust. I am not a prude. I am a sensual, intelligent lady who is fun and easy to talk to. My clients always leave relaxed and happy with their experience. I just like to be upfront and honest to give you an idea of to expect prior to setting an appointment. :o)

I ask 165 for the hour and 195 for an hour and a half. Tipping is always appreciated but never expected. I do not send any additional pics of myself but am confident in saying you will not be disappointed.

If you are still interested please let me know and we can proceed to a short screening process. Your discretion and privacy are always paramount however; I do want to know who I am inviting into my space. A full name, age, occupation and phone number is a great place to start! I do check ID upon arrival. Rude and inappropriate emails will be immediately deleted. Thank you for the response and interest. I look forward to meeting you...

xoxo, Sexy Suzy

Sent: Saturday, May 16, 2009 11:27:52 PM

Sexy Suzy - What is the best # to call you on? Lenny Loser 700-200-0000 Cell / Blackberry

On Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 1:32 AM

Hi Sexy Suzy,

I'm very friendly, entertaining, over 30, blond hair, blue eyed, good shape, 5'9", 175lbs, nice cute gentlemen; looking for exciting fun young cuddly lady who would like to meet a real man who knows what he wants and knows how to treat a lady right day and night.

I will not provide credit card information for personal privacy and financial security reasons. However, I can verify my identity and age in person with personal identification if required .

Lenny Loser

Hi Sexy Suzy

Plzzz email, txt or call me.

Lenny Loser 700-200-0000 Cell / Blackberry

Hi Sexy Suzy,

Are you available Fri or Sat of this week? I'd like to schedule a sensual massage with you, if we can both meet at a mutually available time.

I apologize if I was confused about your screening process and who you were, but I've been scammed before when giving out my CC information over the Internet to "verify" my age/ID.

I'm former Air Force and absolutely harmless, so I don't see any point in playing games with you either. I find you very attractive and would love to become a regular customer.

I really am an very kind gentlemen. I'd like to meet for the first time soon. I promise to be a complete gentlemen who shows great appreciation for your massage services.

However, like yourself I feel it is important that I screen potential massage providers for my own safety and comfort also.

I trust you understand this from your own perspective. I'm not playing games with you at all. I travel a lot so my availability is inconsistent. Please let me know if we can meet later this week?


Lenny Loser

700-200-0000 Cell / Blackberry

Thu, 25 Jun 2009 09:08:18 –0600

Sexy Suzy Sez - Uh...I didn't ask for any CC info. My email was clear and straightforward. You are not. If we were to meet I can guarantee that we would not get along. Please pull your BS with someone else. I am not interested in taking you as a client. This email is also clear, there is no reason to respond.

Date: Mon, Jun 29, 2009 at 12:06 AM

I'm sorry Sexy Suzy for my confusion. I'll be out of town most of this month anyway visiting family the next couple weeks and traveling to Singapore, Malaysia and Bangkok, Thailand on business/pleasure at the end of the month. The earliest I could meet with you for an appointment would be either the middle of July or early August, if I have not ruined the possibility. Take care and have a good life, if you'd rather not meet at all. I'm just interested in being discreet and safe too.

Lenny Loser 700-200-0000 Mobile

“I am a busy computer guy, no time for dating or going out chasing women. What I do have plenty of is computers....Laptops and Desktops, Wonder if you would accept a nice little Laptop computer for one hour of your time? I am serious and real......... money will only last till youspend it, A laptop will keep giving back.......?e ..... a computer guy”
“Hello, I saw you are coming to Harryville on the 16th - 22nd, I would definitely like to schedule. I know your profile says no half hour rates, but is there any way you can make an exception? 300 is a little steep for me, and I would definitely love to see you. Let me know, hopefully we can work something out. Thanks! Also, if you need I have references, thanks again. Tightwad”
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A great example of time waster emails from a client in-between session dates. Provider explanation of the following time wasting nonsense – We have a date arranged that evening, but i havent heard from him in a few days. i email him to ask if we're on.

him: “Not tonite anymore "

me: “aw I will miss you baby! well have a good flight anyways! take care! “

him: We'll catch up again soon. I met a girl on the flight over that I've been wanting to fuck forever & all I had to do was take her to the grocery store...I spent about $200 but fucked all nite ! LOL Worth every penny ! Pussy wasnt as good as yours but she swalowed and no time limits !

Different day - Hi, Are you around? I fell asleep the other night. I want to fuck you doggy. What's up?

Different day - Lets fuck. Where do you live?

Different Day - you are hard to contact during the day....i would still like to strip you naked, put you over my knee and spank your bare ass...then get covered head....100....get back...thanks

Different Day - I would love to see you on Tuesday morning the 5th at 7 am. I miss you so much! Yesterday, Monday was an easy day at work. Hopefully it stays like that. What do you miss about me? Hope to hear from you soon!

“It looks like an hour well spent. I live in Goodlettsville, will you make the drive for that? I have never done this before, I can give you info on me if you need it. Lived here all of my life, just hope you are not one of the crazy people I have heard about."
"Hello, My name is Brown and an analyst,i would be needing your services as an Escort on the 25th To 27th of October 2010 because i will behaving a meeting with the managing director of well known petroleum consultant firm . I would like to know if you would be available for me on that date?I will need your services for 4 hours on the 25th and 5 Hours on the 17th of October. Please respond with other details you think might be necessary and also charges for the aforementioned services asap so that we can get on with other details"
"Am Engr William. I hail from lancaster UK,I attended oxford university,where i studied marine engineering,Am 45 years old single and work as a marine engineer in the submarine section.. Am elegant,vibrant,vigorous and full of life I was opporturned to glance through your page and personnality profle.You seem to be the woman of my choice..You scarlet lips,ebong hair,well biult physique charming face,sedycing eyes are of great intersest to me.In fact,your entirety commands my variety of interest"
“Hello My name is Gibert i was very happy when i saw your profile today during my research and it really attract me alot i believe you are the one i have been searching for to share my love and my good interest with,How is your health? i hope all is well with you. I believe we can move from here ,by knowing each other too well , But you have to understand that distance;age and color dose not matter what matters is the true love and understanding,in my next e-mail to you i shall include my photo, i will be waiting for your email reply for further introduction. Bye my love.” Gibert
“Hi, I'm very interested in your services. Is it possible to get a few current pictures? I would really appreciate it. Do you do anal? Thanks” Jerkin It
Jerkin It's response when I thanked him for the latest entry for this site and alerted him that my photos were less than a month old - "Haha alright whatever you say. I mean why would I look at gorgeous pornstars when I could ask an average looking person like yourself, that makes a lot of sense doen't it."
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I might need to start a new category called Straight Up Scams. See the following three emails as perfect examples -

Hello, My name is (Curly Larry), I am 33 yrs old , I am working as PA to the ambassador who needs an escort for vacation.& I would like to know if you can travel to Winterland and all expenses will be catered for ..... You will be given $2500 per night and you will stay for 5 days.Your hotel and flight ticket will be catered for .You will stay in 5stars hotel in the country.Get back to me ASAP.. Do you have a passport....? Reply Via this email address if you are interested..: curlylarry@dotcom Thanks In Anticipation! 718-111-1111

my name is mike i am from springville. i saw your profile and pics on erosguide and wow you are amazing just perfect looking. i would like to see if i can hire you for your services and fly you out here to springville to be with me and spend 2 weeks all expensis paid of course hotel room with me at the briargate hotel. if interested please email me back as soon as possible. the dates i am looking at is around the 10th for 2 weeks. cant wait to hear from you and spend a wonderful time together. Mike

My name is Sam Matt.. I am working as Personal Assistant to the ambassador who needs an escort for vacation in the month of March .I would like to know if you can travel to Miami and all expenses will be catered for the ambassador. You will be given 3000$ per night of your stay and you will be staying for 5days. Your hotel and flight ticket will be catered for also .You will stay in 5stars hotel in Miami .Get back to me ASAP. . Reply Via this email address if you are interested email me at ..... sammat89@yahoo.com Thanks In Anticipation

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“From Eddie Love

I want to have come company ,and I wonder how your schedule looks like for this week My height is 5.7,130 pounds,30 years old,suntaned skin, dark hair, big brown eyes.I am originally from Dryland, ,I am of Hispanic and Pueblo Indian heritage.

thanks Eddie Love

Hi Eddie,

Thanks for contacting me. I am not available until Monday. If you want to set something up for then I will send you my screening to get started.


Lady Sexy


because I go to school and I work)morning ,so,if this work let' me know!,on the other hand if you can verify your in call morning donation,and where we can meet thanks Eddie Love.

ps I can give you some references


"Hi its me Johnny.. I wounder ask u.. U have plan this saturday on day and
somewhere hotels? Lemme know. :)"
Time Waster -You are the sexiest girl I have ever laid eyes on. I would love to take you away and pamper you. So why don't you let me put a ring on your left finger? How does a wedding on the beach sound. If you can handle that let me know!!!!
Provider -Hi Sweetie, Thank you for the kind words however sexy has nothing to do with being loved in the way that would constitute a long term relationship or marriage. Already had plenty of fellas confused with that. Muah"
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I am not sure where to even put this one as it reads a lot like a scam to me -


Providers Response – “If you're trying to impress me, you're not. I know many rich people and none of them go around bragging about their shit. The people who do that are the ones who are full of shit. If you want to impress me, pay me. You insult my intelligence.”

Time Wasters Response –“wow look me up sweetie looked at the penthouse sweet at the motor speedway monday want to come and see if im full of shit mine is on top floor roof access biggest they have look up this bullshiter sweetie difattamotorsgroup tube google facebook tweeter myspace difatta brothers meeting with the cartels in mexico to put slots in cozmel and cacun and chowtoow winnstar etc open yup the west end 7 clubs alcatraze planet hollywood heart attack cafe 10 theatres xxx movie putting hotters and peaks out of business knocker leather sell custom bike and harley i know sonny burgess oakland cal started hells abngels comeing to see me and teddy bear run on the 19th open the flamingo 2 in mississippi machine from 1940-present im not a millionair did that shit at 21 slice of italy at the west end 26 store i own the baja beach club baltimore 14 years look upo the site im full of shit right hung out with 7 days a week joe lisanti lisanti food mario anthony and mario sbarro of sbarro pizza gotti for my 21st gave me a seville and rolex presdensual my god mother mary catalano salvatore catalano sister chicag mob 70's work for little nicky scarfo philly salvote gambino fat tony etc.... my cousin is santino coco former general and head of drug enforcement sicily lol yes im a fuck fate 3 biggest bust in recent history handbags 3 years again baltimore look it up baltimore sun missiissppi desaire willian and casey clarke muder and murfeeboro tennesse body parts never seen the inside of a jail cell lol in not the telon don im super man and not even fucking criptonite and fuck with me im the boss of all boss i will be presedent in 10 years and i will fix they god damm fuck up country my family the origanial mane noir you american call the mafia mafiala is my daughter they rape his daughter we cut his balls and put them in his mouth lol call my i am a fucking billionaire was a millionaire at 21 2.2 mil 8.5 million 28 west end market place 10-18-1986 slie of italy pizzeria 4th floor 603 munger # 406 dallast texas 75202 are old phone was 214 720 2221 have a photo grapher memory i have lost it 6x thought and try to kill my self worth nothing alive and 2million dead want to give it to my kids but god save me money is paper cars are metal and house are brick money aint worth a shit life is the only things theat matter and your kids god love you find you place in this world sweetie call the fucking fake 469-111-1111 i dont pay fpor sex girl pay me sweetie your loss in can fuxck for 8 years straigh never cum no viagra in sicilian dont need theat shit and im a playboy fuck ovewr 5000k married 18 years never cheated and 6 year depressed lol”

Providers response – “You're a fucking idiot.”

"Hi beautiful! I am looking for a friend to just hang out with.... if your free id love to hang out."
“hi im thinking about heading to to nevada, new mexico and arizona and go motorcycle riding and sight seeing the week of 4-9and back sat the 16th. id love to have a cute lil thing along. nigthts stay in nice hotel with a pool and hot tub. ill pay all expenses plus a grand. if your interested lets chat.”
"hey tae-bo babe, can u handle this?"
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I would really like to get to know you and see if we might click... I am a very open-minded man and think you have a lot of great things going for you.

Ciao... Steven

“Sweeties” response - Where did you find my email address?

Online - I just think you and I may have a lot in common...

“Sweeties” response - Where online?

Your website... Interested in meeting - non-work...


I like your directness. Must be married.

“Sweeties” response -You must be a tool. If you are looking for a date try match.com.

"Available this evening for two 27 year old gentleman?"
"hi i was wondering what are ur rates for mfm if i were to bring a friend for 1 full hour?"
"You have nice tits!"
"name todd dumbass 1234 west 71st cir bedrock co cell xxx-xxx-xxxx"
"My name is Sam Pimp a bussines tycoon also own a model agency in lebanise,I was captivated by ur interesting profile when i checked up on ur page i need an escort for vacation to my home town in Los angenles by the month of january.I would like to know if you can travel to califonia, all expenses will be catered by me You will be given $3000 per night of your stay and you will be staying for 3days. Your hotel and flight ticket will be catered for also .And i promise You 5 star hotel in los angeles including upfront payment. Reply Via my email address if you are interested" Sampimp01@yahoo.com
"How about we meet up and you lay back and relax while I give you head, I have an oral addiction, free of charge ;)"
"Do you have a student discount? Young stud for lots of fun."
"Hi there! You are beautiful based on your pics. I am looking to have a good time because I just got out of school. Just curious and I am assuming the answer is no but do you give a discount for a broke college male? Look forward to hopefully meeting you and having a great time!"
"Call to arrange visit. 904 XXX XXXX.Thank you. "
"Shit.... I am trying to be cheap here lol. I have a Ferrari AND child support I am paying. What is 15 min. looking like?"
Copy of text convo - "Hello beautiful I am j-dog whats your name u are really beautiful and sexy would u let me take u on a date to a nice restaurant and a movie pls give me a chance 12:41 PM with being ur man I am a great guy and a gentleman I would treat u like my queen and show u a lot of love so would you give me a chance pls hit me back up 12:41 PM Provider: I'm SexyCandy it states that right on my ad. I'm not looking for a boyfriend. If you want to take me out for dinner and a movie please refer to my website for fees. 12:45 PM J-dog - Could you send me some pictures please and are you available today and what is the price thank you very much Provider response - A. Pictures are on the web site B. It clearly states on the web site I don't do last minutes with men I don't know C. My rates are all on the web site. All my ads and postings have a link and encourage men to find rates, availability and pics on my web site."