One may wonder why I called this page “Are You a Serial Killer?” My reasoning for it is this – a sane and rational person could probably come up with scenarios such as these… I mean, just watch TV, but to actually spend the time to type them out and send them to various ASP’s over and over again? That to me is a sign of someone who is “not right in the head” and therefore possibly capable of being a serial killer. I however, am not qualified to diagnose such things and will leave it to you to decide for yourself.
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My name is XYZ, I am a white male, 5'6" and 40 years of age. I like tall women and have a couple of items in mind and wanted to get your okay with them before setting anything up. The two things I love are: to be trampled for hours by a nice looking woman like yourself and to lay underneath her as she strattles my face for oral pleasure. So here is a list. Let me know if any or all are okay with you. 1. Trample my chest and stomach mercilessly with boots, clogs, sneakers and 2 to 3 inch heeled pumps heels. Bounce and jab my stomach a little as you walk on me. Push the air out of me as you walk full weight on my frontside. 2. Stand full weight on my throat (3 to 5 seconds at a time only). Use your arch and heel when barefoot or wearing flat soled shoes. 3. Stepping up and down on the side of my head with hard soled shoes like clogs or something similar. You can step quickly. 4. Trample me with sneakers that have tacks attached to the bottoms (I invented this, two tacks glued back to back and then pushed into the shoe bottoms). This is for a short period only and isn't as bad as it sounds really. 5. Suck your toes and lick the bottoms of your feet clean after you have really darkened the soles from walking down the street barefoot. 6. Stand on the palms of my hands while wearing pumps or slingbacks with 2 to 3 inch heels. 7. Sit on my face front facing me and let me service you. 8. Place a large carrot in my mouth and then let it slide in you as I lay on my back so I can watch you come all the way down and touch my lips. Orgasm and then turn the carrot around and put it in my mouth and then repeat the process. :-) Hope to hear from you soon. BTW, may I get your shoe size so I may bring some shoes to the session. Additionally, what is your hourly rate? I figure two hours walking on me and one hour orally. Thank you very much for your time. Sincerely, XYZ
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"hey I'm 44 years old so listen up hooker bitch i will give u 400$$ to let me piss on your face, cum in your ear, lick the inside of your eyeball, wash your hair with pigs blood, suck on a used bloody tampon, finger your asshole with a 9 iron and end with me drop kicking you in your lower jaw hopefully dislocating it...are u interested? IF YOU SAY NO THEN ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS BE CAREFUL REALLY YOU NEV ER KNOW WHO MIGHT CALL AND SHOW UP AND THE NEXT THING YOU KNOW BAM YOUR NAME IS ON THE 11 O CLOCK NEWS... News reporter: "chucks of a womans body who was believed to be a hooker from craigslist was found throughout the state of xxxxx xxxxxxxx"
Are You a Serial Killer?
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"Not sure where to start. I want to spoil you as you devour me. I want you to be my #1 As my passion and freak combine with yours, it may be lethal. P-dog. Deep Kiss"
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" Ready for death and hell prostitute? Ready to pay your wages for sin? "The harlot's pathways lead straight to hell" - Proverbs 7 "All fornicators shall have their part in the lake of fire" Revelation 21 "Fornicators will suffer the vengeance of eternal fire" – Jude "You sin no more or a worse thing shall come upon you" – Jesus A respiratory nurse who works in an emergency room told me about a patient who had gone “code red” – he flat lined. She and some other medical personnel rushed over with the defibrillator to try and bring him back to life. They applied the paddles and revived him. She said that he started screaming and shouting “the heat, the heat!” then his heart stopped again. They brought him back a second time. He shouted “The flames, the flames!” They lost him again. Four times the man flat lined and was brought back, each time shouting about the heat or the flames. After the last time, he died and they could not bring him back. She said all the doctors and nurses just stood there for a few minutes and stared at the body. They all knew that man went to hell. Woman that attempted suicide and viewed hell: "I knew where I had gone wrong I had questioned the authenticity of the scriptures"...12 for 12 - "All unbelievers shall be sent to the lake of fire" – Revelation Your religion "The lusts of your father Satan you will do" – Jesus “For true and righteous are his judgments: for he has judged the great whore, which did corrupt the earth with her fornication” – Revelation 19 "I'm a surgical nurse at a hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. We have lots of near-death cases there, and almost all of them are the negative kind. You know what I mean people who wind up in hell!" - P.M.H. Atwater - 92 Journal of Near-Death Studies "